Coordinating Committee Draft FY2011-2012 Budget Part II

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Subject: Coordinating Committee Draft Budget II FY2011-2012

Sponsor: Mike Feinstein

Background: The GPCA April/May 2011 Berkeley General Assembly approved a 'six month budget' that included the following expenses budgeted under the Coordinating Committee: $3,000 for Plenary Expense Advance" and $250 for Notetaker, for a total of $3,250. The $250 for a Notetaker will be spent at the December 2011 Los Angeles Assembly. Of the $3,000 for Plenary Expense Advance, $400 has already been spent on venue rental. Costs remain for food and video tapes, but its unlikely that total costs will be anywhere near $3,000. For the remainder of the Fiscal Year, the Coordinating Committee should budget expenses for one Spring 2012 General Assembly and one Winter 2012 Coordinating Committee retreat.

Proposal: That the Coordinating Committee submit the following budget and income and expense narrative to the Finance Committee and Budget Committee.

General Assembly: $2,200

Coordinating Committee Retreat: $300

Total $2,500

Expense Narrative:


The proposed Coordinating Committee FY2011-2012 Part II budget contains standard annual costs associated with GPCA General Assemblies and Coordinating Committee retreats. In Part II these are projected to be up to $2200 for a Spring 2012 General Assembly and $300 for a Winter 2012 Coordinating Committee Retreat. General Assembly costs will include venue, food, note taker ($250), video tapes ($100) and the Friday night CC dinner ($100). The CC retreat is projected to cost up to $300 for venue and food.

Income Narrative:


Income of $2,200 is projected to balance the amount budgeted for General Assembly expenses. Traditionally the General Assembly registration fee is set to at least cover the costs, and choice and cost of venue is tied to anticipated attendance. Registration fees in recent years have been between $40 and $45 including lunch both days.