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January 10: Greens will legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana, and end the war on drugs. Register Green Party.
January 10: Greens will legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana, and end the war on drugs. Register Green Party.
Greens believe we should tread gently upon the earth and leave it in better condition than we found it.
Greens believe we should tread gently upon the earth and leave it in better condition than we found it.

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We're going to post (at least) one reason a day to register Green Party in 2012.

Help us make our list. Keep the sentences under 140 characters please.


January 1: 1st reason to register Green Party: Join a party w your values--Economic & social justice, non-violence, grassroots democracy & ecology.

January 2: Register Green Party. Greens oppose corporate personhood. Democrats take millions of corporate dollars.

January 3: Register Green Party. End the Obama/Bush/Clinton wars. Peace now. Invest dollars in Green jobs not bloody bombs.

January 4: Register Green Party. We oppose nuclear power. Democrats subsidize the nuclear industry & nuclear power plants.

January 5: Register Green Party. Unlike Obama, we won't give subsidies to the coal and oil industries.

January 6: Register Green Party. To stop climate change we'd reduce greenhouse gas emissions at least 40% by 2020 over 1990 levels.

January 7: Register Green Party. We support union organizing and establishing a 35 hour standard work week.

January 8: Register Green Party. Our party's priority is to value-based politics, in contrast to a system extolling exploitation, consumption, and non-sustainable competition.

January 9: Greens oppose the death penalty. Do you? Register Green Party.

January 10: Greens will legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana, and end the war on drugs. Register Green Party.


Greens believe we should tread gently upon the earth and leave it in better condition than we found it.

Register Green Party. Our economic goal is the self-sufficiency, well-being and stability of our communities and those living in them.

Our platform is based on the pillars of grassroots democracy, social and economic justice, ecological wisdom and non-violence.

We are part of a global network of at least 90 Green parties that share these values - the broadest such political alliance in the world.

Register Green Party. The word eco comes from the Greek word 'house.' We seek to share our house -- the earth -- fairly, wisely and pleasantly with every other person, creature and natural substance in it.

Greens seek to be good stewards of our earth, good citizens of our country, good members of our communities, and good neighbors of those who live in these places with us.

Greens seek a cooperative commonwealth based on decency before profit, liberty before sterile order, justice before efficiency, happiness before uniformity, families before systems, communities before corporations, and people before institutions.

Greens believe we should tread gently upon the earth and leave it in better condition than we found it.

Do you believe the physical and cultural variety of human beings is a gift and not a threat? Greens do. Register Green Party.

Long live the 1st amendment. No to NDAA. We must protect the right of others to disagree with us so we shall be free to speak our own minds. Register Green Party.

Our national economic goal is the self-sufficiency, well-being and stability of our communities and those living in them. Join us. Register green Party.

Greens believe ecological principles should determine economic policies and not vice versa.

The first source of expertise is the wisdom of the people.

Individuals possess fundamental rights that are inalienable and not contingent on responsibilities assigned by the state. These rights are to be restrained only by a due concern for the health, safety, and liberty of others and are not to be made subservient to the arbitrary and capricious dictates of the government.

Citizens should participate as directly as possible in our democracy.

Power should be devolved to the lowest practical level.

The Bill of Rights and other constitutional provisions have deep permanence and are not to be manipulated or abridged for political gain.

Politics dependent on corporate financing and lobbyist influence is corrupt, anti-democratic and unproductive.

Simplicity, conservation, and recycling should be central to our economy, our politics and our lives.

Individual privacy is paramount and not to be subservient to the needs of the state.

Individual rights are manifestly superior to any to be granted corporations.

Our elected officials are representatives, not rulers.

We need more community more than we need more things.

We are citizens and not merely taxpayers.

We own our government and are not merely its consumers.

Do you believe in Grassroots Democracy. It's 1 of our 10 key values. Everyone deserves to influence the government decisions that affect their lives. Register Green Party.

Greens believe decision-making is best done at the individual, local and regional levels. If grassroots democracy is one of your key values, egister Green Party.

Greens believe in sunshine and open doors. We work to increase public participation and transparency at all levels of government, and ensure that public officials are fully accountable. Register Green Party.

SOCIAL JUSTICE The heart of social justice is the equitable distribution of social and natural resources, both locally and globally, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to develop their innate gifts and talents, and to enjoy the pleasures of life on earth. Greens believe in equal rights for citizens, regardless of gender, race, age, religion, class, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, disability, wealth or health.

ECOLOGICAL WISDOM Our human community is a part of nature, not separate from it. We must learn to live in harmony with nature, within the natural limits of our planet. We respect and relish the ways of nature, including all forms of life. We support a sustainable society that uses natural resources with wisdom, thrift, and with future generations in mind.

NON-VIOLENCE We endorse non-violence, and work towards lasting personal, community and global peace. We support demilitarization, disarmament and elimination of all weapons of mass destruction. Security does not derive from military strength but from justice, good will, cooperation, negotiation, mutual respect, sound economic and social development, and environmental conservation. We promote non-violent methods to oppose practices and policies with which we disagree. However, we recognize the need for self-defense and the defense of others who are in helpless situations.

DECENTRALIZATION Greens seek to reverse the rising concentration of wealth and power, both economic and political. Decision-making should, as much as possible, remain at the individual, local and regional levels, while assuring that fundamental rights are protected for everyone. Power should be centralized only as a last resort. We believe in local self-reliance, buying local, eating local, and strengthening local communities.

COMMUNITY-BASED ECONOMICS Greens aim to build strong and diverse local economies that maintain balance with nature. A Green economy supplies meaningful work with dignity, while paying a living wage that reflects one’s true contribution. We seek to end corporate personhood, reduce the power of large corporations, and expand the rights and powers of individuals in our economy, including the right to basic economic security. We encourage employee ownership and workplace democracy.

FEMINISM We call for an end to male domination and control with more cooperative ways of interacting that respect differences of opinion and gender. We support gender balance, equal opportunities, interpersonal responsibility and honesty. A woman's right to control her own body -- including her right to choose -- shall never be compromised.

RESPECT FOR DIVERSITY We celebrate cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious and spiritual diversity, and strive to build peace and understanding between disparate groups. We believe that the diverse elements of society should be reflected in our organizations and governments, and we support the leadership of people who have been traditionally kept out of it. We depend on the diversity of the natural world and we must protect it.

PERSONAL AND GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY We must change our values and lifestyles to make them consonant with peace, justice and preserving life on our planet. We should act with the well-being of others in mind, including other peoples, nations, species and future generations. We should not pursue our own well-being to the detriment of others. Greens believe in the power of setting a good example.

FUTURE FOCUS AND SUSTAINABILITY The Earth's resources are finite. We cannot long live beyond the carrying capacity of the earth. So we must build a sustainable economy that guarantees our long-term future, and that of other species with whom we share this planet. We aim to build a zero waste society. Where knowledge is limited, we follow the precautionary principle for safety, and to secure the continued abundance of our planet's resources for present and future generations. Our actions must be motivated by ecological wisdom, sustainability and quality of life, not short-term profits and perpetual economic growth.

Greens have an ambitious program to create economic prosperity together with ecological sustainability.

Green policy will build a peaceful economy by cutting military spending at least 70%.

Greens aim to create millions of green jobs with massive public investment in renewable energy, mass transit and conservation. Green jobs are union jobs with living wages.

Greens will help stop runaway climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions at least 40% in 2020 and 95% in 2050, over 1990 levels.

Greens aim to power half of our nation's electricity needs with renewable energy by 2030.

Greens support a single-payer “Medicare for all” health care system because everyone deserves quality health care.

Greens support tuition-free public higher education because everyone should have the opportunity to learn.

Greens support tough limits on credit card interest and lending rates, progressive tax reform and strict financial regulation.

Greens will cut corporate welfare and change trade agreements to improve labor, environmental, consumer, health and safety standards.

Greens want to empower people by curbing corporate power in the United States.

Greens support a constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood and sweeping electoral, campaign finance and anti-corruption reforms.

Our values can lead the world in transitioning from an oil based economy to a green economy.

We are a global party in 82 countries, unified by our 4 pillars of nonviolence, grassroots democracy, ecological wisdom and social justice.

Register Green Party - the only party to advocate a foreign policy based on humanitarian values, ethical principles, and international law.

The Green Party is not controlled by Goldman Sachs.

The Green Party supports universal public education for all children.

The Green Party wants to dismantle the military-industrial complex and build a sustainable energy complex.

January 19: Democrats gave us more war in Afghanistan and a hypocratical "withdrawal" from Iraq.

January 20: Democrats backed down on the repeal of the "Bush Tax Cuts" and agreed to further damage Social Security with the payroll "tax cuts" in return for nothing.

January 21: Democrats refuse to tax banks and investment houses for the costs of their damage to society.

January 22: Democrats cave in to the conservatives by acceptance of the "gentlemens' agreement" to require a 60 vote majority to approve executive office appointments and legislation without even a fight (the ceremonial filibuster)

January 23: Democrats haven't pursued criminal prosecution of anyone responsible for the financial collapse.

January 24: Democrats have failed to address the home foreclosure problems, esp. the failure to allow bankruptcy courts to adjust home mortgage terms as is possible in commercial bankruptcy loans

January 25: Democrats have allowed the coal industry to pursue "clean coal" and use taxpayer funds to research and install this environmental oxymoron.

January 26: Greens oppose nuclear power. Democrats subsidize the nuclear industry and nuclear power plants.

January 27: Democrats support the militarization of domestic police forces by expenditure of billions of dollars of federal grants for the purchase war grade weapons, gear and electronics by local police.

January 28: Democrats abandoned single payer health care and support of the subsidization of the hospital and insurance corporate profit structure

January 29: Register Green. Global warming is one of our top priorities unlike the Democrat and Republican Parties.

January 30: Greens oppose the development of a police state and will shut down Guantanamo.

January 31: Greens support localization, not globalization.

February 1: Greens will cut off military aid to dictators and countries that violate international law

February 2: Greens will forgive student debt and strengthen labor laws.

The Green Party supports family farms. The Green Party supports organic agriculture. The Green Party supports the Sherman Anti-trust Act. The Green Party supports tuition free higher education for all academically qualified students.* The Green Party supports taxpayer funded single payer healthcare for all people in the USA.* The Green Party supports the rights of all workers to organize unions and have a voice in the workplace.* The Green Party opposes toll roads. The Green Party supports open government. Free people require transparency in government at ALL levels. The Green Party supports strengthening of Social Security without privatizing. The Green Party supports a minimum wage that is a living wage. The Green Party supports strong worker safety regulations. The Green Party supports the National Park Service. The Green Party supports more public access to national forests and other public lands. The Green Party supports vehicle free wilderness areas. The Green Party supports requiring oil companies to pay significant royalties on all production from public lands and waters. The Green Party supports high speed rail projects. The Green Party opposes all nuclear-fueled electric power production. The Green Party supports recycling to the max. The Green Party supports well maintained public rest areas on major highways. The Green Party supports maintaining current size and weight limits on commercial trucks. The Green Party supports the right of Habeus Corpus for all persons detained or imprisoned by any US jurisdiction.* The Green Party supports the use of paper ballots. The Green Party supports the right of all citizens over the age of 18 to vote. The Green Party supports medical marijuana laws. The Green Party supports subsidized housing for low income seniors.* The Green Party supports unemployment benefits for workers who lose their jobs. The Green Party supports alternative fueled vehicles. The Green Party supports higher fuel efficiency standards. The Green Party supports public parks for child and adult sports teams. The Green Party opposes publicly funded professional sports palaces. The Green Party supports bicycle/hiking trails on abandoned RR rights of way. The Green Party supports mountain bike trails on specified public lands. The Green Party supports music, athletics and theater arts in public schools.