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GPCA CC Teleconference – Monday, May 16, 2011

SUBJECT: Coordinating Committee Appointment to Standing Committees

BACKGROUND: Currently there is one member on the Finance Committee (Will Yeager, terms ends 10/11 and two members of the Platform Committee (Peggy Koteen and Martin Zehr (terms end 9/12

The following individuals are interested in being appointed to the Finance Committee: Bert Heuer and Cres Velluci and the Platform Committee: Shane Que Hee. Each states that they have meet the requirement in attending at least two prior General Assemblies within the previous 24 months.

PROPOSAL: To appoint the following individuals to the following GPCA Standing Committee:

- Finance: Bert Heuer, Cres Velluci

- Platform: Shane Que Hee

REFERENCES: Relevant GPCA Bylaws

6‑1.4 Committee Membership

Coordinating Committee (CC) membership is defined in Section 7-1. Other Committees shall be composed of no more than eight members not including ex officio members (see ex officio members, paragraph 6-1.7). At least once a year or whenever vacancies exist, the active counties, Group coordinators, and individual CC members shall be given the opportunity to submit nominations or recommendations to the Coordinating Committee for committee membership. Eligible candidates must have attended at least two prior plenaries within the previous 24 months and demonstrate a working knowledge of the GPCA bylaws and operating procedures. Committee members shall be appointed by the Coordinating Committee and shall serve for two years or the remainder of the current term, or if appointed more than 12 months after the start of the current term, shall serve for the remainder of the current term plus two more years, unless a successor is appointed before this time. Terms begin and end at the start of the second plenary of each year and must be staggered whenever possible. Any Committee member may be recalled with a 2/3 vote of the CC.

7-7.2 Membership

The Media Standing Committee is a standing committee with up to 8 members, in accordance with bylaws 6-1.4. Co-Coordinators are selected in accordance with bylaws 6-1.9.