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Still need

- new pull down menu to allow both for county, state and individual person links - upgrade photo library - upgrade .pdf upload capability for multi-page document

Changes in URL path settings

/ga instead of /plenary

New URL folders

/committees /workinggroups

/gatherings /resolutions

Documenting Changes

The existing GPCA practice is when one updates a page, is to write one's initials and the date, as for me (MF) 9/25/11. This practice is being discontinued because Drupal has an internal capability to track changes and record who made them.


Committees and Working Groups don't meet as advertised on specific dates for teleconferences. Not clear policy on which email lists are open and which are not. Problem with GROW list not being accessible.


General Assembly archive

Scan all old state party agendas. Continue to locate photos from past state meetings. Eventually create individual event pages for each General Assembly and gathering.

County Councils

Develop system to track and post elected County Councilmembers


Keep gathering more resolutions from records