Draft GPUS Platform Amendment Biological Diversity

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Section title: Biological diversity

Section subtitle: Conserving the great wealth of planet earth

Our position: Greens aim to ensure that no more species are lost from our planet.

Our planet's ecological systems are interlocking and interdependent. Nature’s survival strategy allows adaptability which itself results in biological diversity.

Our stewardship of biological diversity requires that we not disrupt ecological systems to the degree that species cannot renew and maintain themselves.

Green Solutions

1. We oppose the U.S. demands to amend the Convention on Biological Diversity (1992) for the benefit of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in regard to intellectual property and technology transfer rights.

2. We oppose monopolistic production of high-tech hybrid seeds that take away farmers' rights to grow their own crops using their own seeds and replacing diversity with mono-culture.

3. We oppose international trade agreements (NAFTA, GATT and the WTO in particular) that protect transnational, corporate control of the intellectual property of genetic material, hybrid seeds, and proprietary products.

4. . We support educational initiatives that address our culture’s irrational fear of wildlife, including economic-based conflicts between domesticated animals and wildlife species, by introducing techniques and solutions of co-existence with other species