Draft GPUS Platform Amendment Call To Action

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(NOTE FROM MARNIE: We've used "Green Solutions" in the platform section amendment proposals. I'm not sure if I'm convinced we should introduce the term, "Green New Deal.")


Join our Green Party.

Our Green New Deal can make the United States a true global leader in grassroots democracy, social justice, Earth stewardship, Green jobs and non-violence.

Greens don't settle for less. We relentlessly campaign for the health of people, places and the planet.

  • To stem the impact of climate change, we must pass a revenue-neutral carbon tax, with all revenues returned to taxpayers as payroll tax cuts. Let's power America with 50% renewable energy by 2020, 100% by 2030
  • Everyone deserves quality health care. That's why we support a single-payer “Medicare for all” healthcare system. Democrats and Republicans don't.
  • Greens believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn. That's why we support free public higher education.
  • We support massive public investments in green jobs to increase energy efficiency, support renewable energy, improve mass transit and conserve our ecosystems.
  • We must enact a federal living wage, indexed to inflation, and repeal the anti-union Taft-Hartley Act.
  • Let's stop corporate welfare to Wall Street. We can re-regulate the financial sector and enact a Tobin tax of 0.25% on all cross-border financial transactions
  • Create a peaceful, profitable Green economy. Let's cut military spending by at least 50% and invest the dividend into public works programs to give America a world-class public transportation system and retrofit 10 million homes with energy-conserving insulation.
  • Take the first step in ending the violent war against drugs. Legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana

Join us. Connect with Green Party candidates and organizers in your neighborhood. Register with the Green Party if you can. Sign up at newbie@gp.org or call 866-xxx-xxxx.


The Green Platform presents an eco-social analysis and vision for our country. In contrast to the way in which major political parties create their platforms, through the back-room deals of insiders and power- brokers, we have created a grassroots process that invites submissions from every local Green Party and every Green individual. Through democratic process over a year and a half, we arrive at a final draft to present to our national convention for approval. The Green Platform is an evolving document, a living work- in-progress that expresses our commitment to creating wise and enduring change in specific policies and in the political process itself. The Green Party is committed to values-based politics, as expressed in our Ten Key Values. These values guide us in countering and changing a system that extols exploitation, unsustainable consumption, and destructive competition.