Draft GPUS Platform Amendment Ocean Protection

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Section title: Ocean Protection

Section subtitle: ???

Our position: Greens support marine conservation to ensure that our oceans' great resources are protected and harvested sustainably.

Green Solutions

1. The U.S. government should sign the Laws of the Sea Treaty that establishes the global sharing of ocean resources.

2. The National Oceans Protection Act which bans offshore drilling to a distance of 50 to 175 miles from U.S. shores.

3. Ban drift-net fishing and long-line fishing, and ban the importation of fish and fish products caught by drift-nets.

4. Ban ocean transportation of nuclear and toxic wastes.

5. Map undersea toxic dump sites and, investigate methods of rendering them harmless.

6. Phasing out U.S. factory trawlers and subsidize sustainable, community-based fishing.

7. Ban importation of coral products and the destruction of breakwaters.

8. Continue the ban on international whale trade, and all sea life threatened with extinction.