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The U.S. Green Party was founded on the four pillars of democracy, social justice, sustainable ecology and sustainable economics. We are part of a global network of XX Green parties around the globe that share these values - the broadest such political alliance in the world.

Although we are often regarded as primarily concerned with environmental issues, our interest in ecology includes not just the relationships between parts of the natural world, but those between people and their government, workers and their employers, the urban and the rural, the living and the yet unborn, the paid and the unpaid, as well as ones between those of different continents, countries, genders, ages, interests, and religions.

The word eco comes from the Greek word 'house.' We seek to share our house - the earth - fairly, wisely and pleasantly with ever other person, creature and natural substance in it.

We seek to be good stewards of our earth, good citizens of our country, good members of our communities, and good neighbors of those who live in these places with us.

We seek a cooperative commonwealth based on decency before profit, liberty before sterile order, justice before efficiency, happiness before uniformity, families before systems, communities before corporations, and people before institutions.

We believe that:

- We should tread gently upon the earth and leave it in better condition than we found it.

- The physical and cultural variety of human beings is a gift and not a threat. We are glad that the world includes many who are different from ourselves by nature, principle, inclination or faith

- We must protect the right of others to disagree with us so we shall be free to speak our own minds.

- Our national economic goal is the self-sufficiency, well-being and stability of our communities and those living in them.

- Ecological principles should determine economic policies and not vice versa.

- The first source of expertise is the wisdom of the people.

- Individuals possess fundamental rights that are inalienable and not contingent on responsibilities assigned by the state. These rights are to be restrained only by a due concern for the health, safety, and liberty of others and are not to be made subservient to the arbitrary and capricious dictates of the government.

- Citizens should participate as directly as possible in our democracy

- Power should be devolved to the lowest practical level.

- The Bill of Rights and other constitutional provisions have deep permanence and are not to be manipulated or abridged for political gain.

- Politics dependent on corporate financing and lobbyist influence is corrupt, anti-democratic and unacceptable.

- Simplicity, conservation, and recycling should be central to our economy, our politics and our lives.

- Individual privacy is paramount and not to be subservient to the needs of the state.

- Individual rights are manifestly superior to any to be granted corporations.

- Our elected officials are representatives, not rulers.

- We need more community more than we need more things.

- We are citizens and not merely taxpayers.

- We own our government and are not merely its consumers.



- We will work to increase public participation at every level of government and to ensure that our public representatives are fully accountable to the people who elect them.

- We support:

Instant runoff voting Public campaign financing Free and fair access to radio and television by all candidates Great increased limits on lobbying An amendment to the Constitution to end corporate interference in elections Sunshine laws at every level of government The right to initiative, referendum and recall in all states Proportional representation combined, as in the German model, with single district representation. Statehood for the colony of DC as well as an increased number of states to make the Senate more representative. Broader voter participation and ballot access including universal voter registration and an election day holiday and/or multi-day elections Carrying out government at the lowest practical level. Urban neighborhood councils with significant powers. The right of convicted felons to regain full citizenship rights upon completion of their sentences, including the right to vote and to run for elected office. The right of prisoners to vote The creation of children's parliaments, in which studentscan discuss, debate and make proposals to local, state and national legislatures. Voter-verified paper audit trail for all voting machines. Electronic voting machines must include a verifiable paper trail that allows every voter to verify that his or her vote was recorded and counted accurately, coupled with random audits based on the paper trail.

We oppose

Political district gerrymandering Public action committees and soft money contributions Allowing corporations to affect elections by use of the their monies. Limits on smaller political parties to keep them off the ballot The Electoral College Proprietary vote counting software codes and urge that all such codes be open for public verfication before and after an election.