Draft GPUS Platform Amendment Social Justice Chapter Introduction

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The United States is nation of great riches and many dreams, but we are plagued by social injustices that keep us from becoming a great nation and a beacon to the rest of the world.

We have far more billionaires than any other nation, but tens of millions of Americans are unemployed, impoverished or hungry.

We have so many of the world's best schools and universities, but we consign millions of children to schools that lack the most basic resources.

We possess a tremendous expanse of beautiful land, yet much of our population lives in ghettoes or in polluted areas and lack public transportation to get to work.

After more than more than four hundred years, we still are marred by hatred, discrimination and prejudice.

We Greens are not satisfied.

We believe that the heart of social justice is the fair distribution of resources, and ensuring that all people have what they need to grow and flourish. We think that our nation cannot have a political democracy without economic democracy.

Our nation is blessed with great ethnic and cultural diversity. Greens are proud of this diversity, and we celebrate it.

Greens are committed to equal rights for all, regardless of race, gender, religion, age, class, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, disability, wealth or health.