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3. New planks as these arise.
3. New planks as these arise.
''''''Anticipated activities''''''
'''''Anticipated activities'''''
1. Revision of the election brochure for any 2011 elections. This will not require funding.  Making copies will.
1. Revision of the election brochure for any 2011 elections. This will not require funding.  Making copies will.

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We are using a three tiered approach in this budget.

Tier 1 Budget

The tier 1 budget is $AMOUNT. The tier 1 budget is the basic operating expenses of GPCA and the required initial costs to launch our statewide voter registration drive and Green 2012. Basic operating expenses include essential party operations like paying for our PO box, insurance and FPPC filing software. The required initial costs for our statewide voter registration drive and Green 2012 include paying a consultant to help us fundraise, recruit, train and mobilize volunteers, upgrade our website, build a statewide contact management database and virtual phone banking to our voter file. The tier 1 budget includes all of the requisite expenses necessary to expand our fundraising and voter registration drive activities.

Tier 2 budget

The tier 2 budget is $AMOUNT. The tier 2 budget is the second phase of our voter registration drive and Green 2012. The key new expenditure in the Tier 2 budget is hiring an Executive Director. Tier 2 budget will automatically begin when the income total for Tier 1 (INSERT AMOUNT) is raised. The Tier 2 budget will be revised, if there is a revenue short faill, at the September 2011 General Assembly. The job description for an executive director can be found <<INSERT LOCATION>>.

Tier 3 budget

The tier 3 budget is $AMOUNT. The tier 3 budget is the third phase of our voter registration drive and Green 2012. The key new expenditures in the Tier 3 budget are for voter registration field organizers and voter registration activities like tabling fees and developing voter registration field materials. Tier 2 budget will automatically begin when the income total for Tier 2 (INSERT AMOUNT) is raised. The Tier 3 budget will be revised, if there is a revenue short faill, at the September 2011 General Assembly.


The Bylaws Committee did not submit a FY 2011-12 budget and work plan.


CCWG goals for FY 2011-2012

• Continue to meet via teleconference every 2nd Wednesday of the month. • Continue to discuss ongoing issues relating to our mandate via email. • Maintain updated and useful CCWG webpage. • Create documented set of criteria to use when considering candidate funding recommendations • Determine which ONE candidate questionnaire to use as standard, or create a new one. • Recruit new Campaign Fund Support Committee, AND IF THEY DO NOT CONVENE, SEEKS STEPS TO CHANGE OUR BYLAWS TO DISSOLVE THE COMMITTEE REQUIREMENT THEREBY REVERTING THE RESPONSIBILTY OF FUNDING ALLOCATIONS BACK TO CCWG. • Recruit new CCWG Co-Coordinators, as the current term(s) are over as of March 2012. • Recruit potential candidates and make certain they are endorsed by their local for funding purposes. • Provide tools, resources, training, and funding recommendations for candidates. • Conduct County Polling during State Proposition cycle. • Keep informed and share information regarding status of Proposition 14 legality and repercussions if not over-turned. • Continue to work with GROW, Media, IT, and ByLaws Committee(s) to improve GPCA. • Participate in on-going Stragetic Planning with GPCA as a whole.

First Quarter Plan (April-June 2011)

• Assess the success of Green 2012 pertaining to use and results of the CAVoterConnect data management system. • Launch candidate recruiting drive, training for candidates, and assist in voter registration drive launch at Plenary. • Stay in communication with GPUS Delegates as to names for Presidental Primary. • Consider creating a Candidate Sustainer Form for neighborhood canvassing. • Continue to work with other committees on improving GPCA. • Assist in formation of Personnel Policy as it relates to this working group. • Continue assessment of Prop 14 status. • Continue to work on the GPCA Strategic Action Plan.

Second Quarter Plan (July-September 2011)

• Continue candidate recruitment and training, Deadline for filing is March 9, 2012. • Make certain that the Candidate Fund Support Committee is in process of formation. • Make certain we have created and have documented a set of criteria for CCWG to use in its funding support recommendations on behalf of candidates. • Propose types of and trainors for Candidate and Campaign related training sessions at Stragetic Gathering to be held in Ventura in (potentially) August. • Continue assessment of Marnie Glickman's Green2012 Proposal(s). • Form and propose any CCWG break-out sessions for Fall / Winter Plenary • Start recruiting new Co-Cos for CCWG • Continue communication with GPUS regarding status of Presidential nominee(s) process. • Continue assessment of Prop 14 status. • Continue to work on the GPCA Strategic Action Plan.

Third Quarter Plan (October-December 2011)

• Continue candidate recruitment throughout the Fall. • Make certain that either the Campaign Fund Support Committee or CCWG is in consistent contact with Candidates and following through with THE Questionnaire and following the criteria established for endorsing / funding candidates. • Create various means and tools for candidate training and support. • Continue assessment of Prop 14 status. • Continue communication with GPUS regarding status of Presidential nominee(s) process. • Continue working on the GPCA Strategic Action Plan. • Start working on goals for CCWG next WorkPlan & Budget. • Continue assessment of Marnie Glickman's Green2012 Proposal • Continue assist in creating Personnel Policy.

Fourth Quarter Plan (January-March 2012)

• Start working on the new WorkPlan and Budget. • Continue candidate recruitment and training. • Form and propose any CCWG break-out sessions for the Spring Plenary • Continue assessment of Prop 14 status. • Continue communication with GPUS regarding status of Presidential nominee(s) process. • Continue working with other committees to improve GPCA. • Continue assessment of Marnie Glickman's Green2012 Proposal • Continue assist in creating Personnel Policy if still applicable. • Continue working on the GPCA Strategic Action Plan.


The Clearinghouse Committee did not submit a FY 2011-12 budget and work plan. Merchandise expenses for t-shirts, buttons, stickers, bilingual materials and shopping bags are included in the Finance Committee budget.


CC Retreat
Office Supplies
Recordings of CC meetings
Bank Charge
Other CC
General Assemblies
  Hosting Costs

- Site Rental - Damage Deposit lost (if applicable) - Equipment Rental (Microphones/Sound System/Power Point/Projection, Video Cameras, other) - Food - Travel Expense Subsidies - Lodging Expense Subsidies - Minutes taker(s) - Video tapes (has been paid separately by state party) - Honoraria for speakers or workshop leaders or music - Administrative (copies, other) - Friday CC meeting (food, copies, space rental) - Repaying GPCA loan

  Participant Payments for Plenaries
  CC Plenary Dinners
  Plenary Administration
  Plenary Travel Support (Hardship)
  (Subtotal CC)


The Electoral Reform Working Group did not submit a FY 2011-12 budget draft and work plan.


The FInance Committee income did not submit a FY 2011-12 work plan. This work plan was designed by Marnie Glickman, GPCA consultant from January through April 2011. This work plan is based on results of fundraising and research conducted from January through April 2011.

Rationale for Finance Committee Expenses

The Finance Committee work plan is the GPCA FY2011-2012 budget income narrative. The Finance Committee expenses are significantly higher than they were in FY 2010-2011. The primary reason is because it costs money to raise money. The secondary reason is that each new donor we acquire has significant value over time. Additionally, we have more than 100,000 members. We must have a daily contact persona available to recruit, train, mobilize and coordinate our thousands of volunteers and donors.

Establish Executive DIrector position

An executive director position is essential for GPCA growth. There must be a staff position created with core responsibility for volunteer coordination, fundraising, marketing and information management. The Executive director will daily provide communications to donors, volunteers, and volunteer prospects. The executive director will serve as the main phone contact on the GPCA website and other materials. The job description for the Executive Director position can be found at <<INSERT LOCATION>>. The executive director shall be supervised by the personnel committee of the GPCA CC.

Key Executive Director responsibilities are:

1) Raise funds effectively, efficiently and in compliance with the law.

Tactics include: Reviewing existing GPCA donor database application, research and make changes where necessary to ensure management functions such as financial reports, de-duping of records and easy online data entry. Reviewing and learning applicable federal, state and local political law. Organizing periodic FPPC trainings for GPCA members in coordination with FPPC staff.

2) Develop major donor program.

Tactics include: Conducting phone and in-person meetings with all major donors. Re-soliciting all major donors by phone or in-person. Asking all major donors to identify new major donor prospects. Conducting phone and in-person meetings with GPCA Greens who can help identify new major donor prospects. Developing “Why donate?” flyer for major donors.

3) Develop telemarketing program.

Tactics include: Hiring telemarketing firm that uses predictive dialing and agrees to a no-loss call program. Developing telemarketing materials

4) Develop fundraising events program

Tactics include: Creating annual Bay Area fundraising event. Creating annual Los Angeles fundraising event. Creating annual events program for county councils. Developing event invitation template.

5) Develop online fundraising program

Tactics include: Developing quarterly email solicitations and online fundraising campaigns. Developing online fundraising materials.

6) Develop direct mail program

Tactics include: Writing quarterly donor re-solicitation letters. Developing persuasive, timely and beautifully-designed direct mail materials.

7) Develop merchandising program

Tactics include: Designing and selling GPCA t-shirt, button and stickers. Exploring prospects for bilingual materials and shopping bags.

Provide backup support and technological assistance to the Treasurer

We must scope of GPCA Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer’s roles to accommodate increased scope of fundraising. If possible, we should allocate a monthly stipend to the GPCA Treasurer, allocate funds for data entry and other support staff work to the Treasurer.

There is a fee that we pay each year for the software to file with FPPC. It is true that FPPC has free on-line software. If the GPCA chooses to use the free software, in which each donation has to be listed by scratch, then you will definitely have to find another treasurer. Craftware, our software vender, gives us a special discounted price, which has remained $1250 for some time. That is 50% of the regular price.

Building a Contact Relationship (CRM) Database Software

GPCA does not have an online database of our volunteers, donors, email subscribers, volunteer prospects, donor prospects. We must create one to be a viable political party now and in the future. The database will allow us to track donations, volunteer commitments, email subscriptions, issue interests, privacy requests and more. It will make us more efficient and effective. The CRM will be available to all County Councils. The GPCA Executive Director will train volunteers in database management and data entry.


No FY 2011-12 budget draft submitted.

 Coalition Building/Project Initiative Costs
 Green Actions (replaces Convergences)
 Printing, Copying, Mailing - General Office
 Formatting and Distributing Proposals
 Writing and Distributing Notices and Minutes
 Update Organizing Webpages
 (Healthy Community Alliance)
 Requested for all efforts
 (Rural Organizing)
   (Subtotal Green Issues)


GROW did not submit a work plan with their budget request. This work plan was designed by Marnie Glickman, GPCA consultant from January through April 2011. This work plan is based on results of volunteer mobilization and research conducted from January through April 2011.

Launch Green 2012, the campaign to register 100,000 Greens by Election Day 2012.

We registered 103,000 Green Party members during our party’s first voter registration drive in 1990-1991. We can do it again. And we must do it again, to strengthen the influence of Green values in California and nationally.

Our main target for voter registration is young voters, because we are a youthful party. California Greens have the largest percentage of registered voters below 50 years of age of all California political parties, with the exception of the Peace and Freedom Party. Nearly one-quarter of all California Greens are under the age of 25. One-sixth of all California Greens are between the ages of 29 and 34. These young voters are the future of our political movement; we should invest in organizing them now because they are our future.

The first phase of our voter registration drive will be launched in May 2011. Volunteers will work with GPCA staff and leaders as well as County Council members to organize voter registration tables at spring and summer events, naturalization ceremonies and other strategic locations across the state. Voter registration drive volunteer recruitment, training, mobilization and coordination by the GPCA consultant and Executive Director. GROW will develop a well-written, beautifully-designed “Why Register Green” flyer.

The second phase of the voter registration drive will begin as soon as we complete raising the GPCA tier 1 budget. The second phase will involve paying organizers to conduct voter registration efforts and funding more tabling and material costs.

Recruit, train, coordinate and energize more GPCA volunteers.

Tactics include: Developing “How to Volunteer Green” flyer. Recruiting and training campaign managers for GPCA candidates. Recruiting and training webmasters for GPCA candidates. Recruiting and train campaign fundraisers and treasurers for GPCA candidates. Recruiting and training webmasters and online organizers for every county council. Recruiting, training and managing online content publishing team for GPCA website and social network pages. Recruiting and managing graphic design volunteers. Developing a broad-based membership event component for bi-annual GPCA General Assemblies and/or Gatherings. Develoingp a calendar of GPCA internal and external events and political deadlines and ensure the capacity for county council members and other interested party members to receive this information.

Green Focus



The IT group did not submit a work plan. Marnie Glickman, GPCA consultant, provided work plan text for this section.

Update the GPCA website.

Tactics include: Redesigning information architecture. Creating new universal navigation bar and sub-navigation menus. Updating graphic look and feel of website. Redesigning web page template using CSS stylesheets. Researching and selecting content management system (CMS) for website. Developing standard GPCA web site template for county Green Parties to use if they want. Developing templates for campaign websites for GPCA candidates. Provide design support to candidates endorsed by their county Green Party or the GPCA, where applicable. Addressing the issue of county web sites that are significantly out of date. Reviewing all existing web page on the GPCA website for accuracy.

Build larger and more vibrant online communications networks.

Tactics include: Researching and selecting an email distribution system with the capacity to reach large numbers of GPCA members efficiently and effectively. Reviewing existing GPCA email listserv management system, recommend changes as necessary. Reviewing existing GPCA statewide announcement email lists, recommend changes where necessary. Developing protocol for GPCA members to opt-in/opt-out of GPCA email lists. Writing and sending email news/announcement at least twice each month to GPCA members who have opted in. Expanding GPCA supporter networks on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.


No FY2011-12 budget draft submitted.



The Green Party of California Media Standing Committee seeks to promote and foster a positive image of the GPCA through media channels. We particularly want to increase our presence in online social media (facebook, twitter, etc.), but will continue to seek coverage in print and broadcast media. The Media Standing Committee seeks to garner the attention of and gain credibility with the mainstream and alternative media. The Media Committee issues press releases and provides spokespersons to help get the Green Party message out to the public through the media.


A. Research, write, solicit, edit and distribute press releases, advisories, op-eds, letters, articles, social networking sites, blog posts and press kits for media outlets in California.

a. press releases will usually be written or edited by the GPCA Press Secretary b. draft releases may also be submitted to the Media Committee by any registered Green; such a release will then be subjected to our Committee's editing and/or approval process: press releases require 2 persons to approve the release before dissemination. Current authorized approvers are Erika McDonald, Lisa Taylor, Bert Heuer, Mike Feinstein, Wes Rolley, Hank Chapot and any GPCA spokesperson, which includes Laura Wells, Chapot, Feinstein, Derek Iversen and Susan King c. any registered Green may seek the advice of the Media Committee on where to place an op-ed/article written about any given issue; these are not subject to approval unless the op-ed/article claims to explicitly speak for the GPCA d. press releases submitted by Media Committee members shall be posted to our Committee's list serve for editing/approval e. press releases submitted by registered Greens not active in the Media Committee shall be submitted to a Media Committee Co-Coordinator and/or Press Secretary f. the Media Committee may also solicit press releases/op-eds/articles by requesting that a Green "issue expert", official, or candidate write a draft g. distribution of press releases via fax and/or email; this duty will typically be performed by our Press Secretary, but media committee members and local GP media contacts are welcome to assist with distribution and add contacts to our distribution list.

B. Promote Green blogs such as California Greening and green social networking sites such as GreenChange.org.

C. Post thoughts on the news of the day/week/month on the cagreens.org home page. Use a Twitter account for the Green Party of California for microblogging.

D. Build relationships with editors and reporters through phone and personal contact with our spokespeople, media committee members, press secretary and local media contacts

E. Organize press conferences and media events as needed

F. Provide resources, training and support to local GP media contacts and candidates; this may include advising local Green candidates about media relations by phone and/or in person; participating in candidate training workshops; providing media lists to candidates and local Green Party chapters

G. Maintain effective Media Committee organization; conduct quarterly (at least) conference calls; post press releases and articles on the web site at cagreens.org.

H. Recruit and develop spokespeople for the Green Party of California.

Press Secretary compensation and office allowance

$300 monthly, the same as 2010-11, and nearly half what was charged in 4 previous years: includes phone/fax distribution costs, travel and misc. expenses. In addition to writing and disseminating news releases statewide, and coordinating media for GPCA, NEW additional duties will include: Writing, creation, design and coordination of the GPCA fundraising appeals (in conjunction with Finance Committee) and writing, editing and design of Green Focus, and scripting and production responsibility for "Visibility Campaign" as noted below. Press Secretary will also be lending his assistance to GPCA candidates on statewide, and local ballots, including helping formulate all earned and paid media strategic planning, writing and disseminating releases when possible.

Green Party Visibility Campaign

The Media Committee acknowledge monies are not yet available to fund the bulk of the Visibility Campaign – which is crucial to our fundraising, voter registration, candidates and overall visibility – and will be willing to adjust spending as the monies become available. The total requested amount for television and video spots is $25,000.

This project will benefit the party in its presence to the voting public, which will assist GPCA candidates, fundraising and major donor campaigns and a plan to launch a massive voter registration drive. The 15 and 30 second television spots – to run on CNN, Headline News, MNBC and other cable networks - will be placed in strategic geographic areas, and will seek to take advantage of voter apathy with the current Dem and GOP parties. It will reinforce the GPCA name, enabling us to raise more monies, register more voters and expose our candidates and campaigns to the voter. The spots/ads could also be used as active content for our online presence. We spent $3,300 in 2010-11 on this program.

LENGTH OF AD: 15-30 second spots.

WHO: Comcast Cable (they have active advertising programs unlike Direct TV, etc.)

WHAT SHOW: Recommend targeting as follows:

• News Shows (regular voters): CNN, Headline News, Fox News, MSNBC, etc.)
• Shows for people of color (varies)
• Shows for those who are Dems but should be Greens: Comedy Channel, etc.

FREQUENCY: What we run is based entirely on budget.

MARKETS: Suggest 2-3 zones in SF Bay Area, LA, Sacramento, and others as strategy dictates. We could focus on zones where we have, or will have, active voter registration efforts and/or viable candidates around this.

SMALLER MARKETS: We could, in above and in smaller markets, work a deal with local Greens in any market - the state will pay HALF of the cost of running the spots if matched by locals. This would work well in rejuvenating counties.

COSTS: Depends on zones. SF zones (there are at least 8 in the Bay Area) cost as little as $5 per 30 second spot for prime-time CNN (the most expensive of the news shows. Average probably about $15-20 per :30 spot. *We could double our buys by having a shorter : 15 second spot. It increases frequency but not the cost. - which I believe we could do with this campaign

TOTAL BUY: $25,000 could hit most of California, especially the coast, inland, SoCal and NoCal, including Sacramento (which would reach political reporters, etc. at the Capitol). We could also do a SPECIAL MAILING to our donor list to pay for all or part of it and use that for a second round.

ADDITIONAL: When we put together the campaigns we should be able to get free media (example: In Alameda recently 5 TV stations, radio, etc. covered the unveiling of a spot where the total buy was only $800).

Online Media Advertising

Similar to the television campaign, this $5,000 budget item will do much as the same but will be focused only on online advertising, such as Google and Facebook.


????Donations to campaigns???


GPCA Delegate Support to GPUS ANM (National Meeting Travel Support) 
 Advance Discounted 2010 ANM Registrations
 Advance Discounted Repayments
 Presidential National Nomination Convention Registration
 GA Plenary Travel
 ANM subsidy for 2010 (Old "Polling Software")
 QPNC Subsidy for 2012
 Planning Honorarium for Web Page Assistance
    for all GPCA Committees and Working Groups
   (Subtotal GPUS)



1. California Tax Reform 2. Revision of GPCA platform planks as needed, for example, the language of the Disabled and Violence in Society planks 3. New planks as these arise.

Anticipated activities

1. Revision of the election brochure for any 2011 elections. This will not require funding. Making copies will. 2. Participation in monthly Co-Co telephone conference calls. Funds may need to be allotted for this activity 3. Participation in any Strategy Retreat. This may require funding 4. Production of brochures on platform topics. The creative effort will not require funding but producing copies may. One request is already fulfilled: Earth Day 2011. 5. Participation in any prioritization of 2011-2012 election issues 6. Respond to Platform list serve requests 7. Increase Platform Committee membership and participation

Updating Full Platforms and Platform Summaries

The reserves hold 258 copies of full 2002 platforms, 258 copies of the 2005 addendum to the full platform, 158 copies of the 2006 platform summaries, 545 copies of the 2008 platform summaries, and 800 copies of the Addendum to the 2008 Platform Summary.

2258 copies of updated full platforms should be sufficient in the form of 258 updates from 2005-2011 at a cost of $200. The 2002 platforms would need a page indicating which planks in the 2002 platforms were revised and where to find them in the updates. This alternative is much less expensive than getting 258 full 2011 platforms as one volume.