GPCA Budget FY2014-2015 Independent Contractor Co-Field Organizer Contract

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GPCA Budget FY2014-2015 GROW Field Organizer Independent Contractor Contract


The Green Party of California (GPCA) FY2014-2015 budget contains $1,000 per month for an independent contractor Field Organizer position, whose key responsibilities are to recruit and train volunteers, and support Green voter registration and county organizing (

This contracts provide an Independent contract agreement between Kendra Gonzales and the GPCA to partially fill the Field Organizer position and provide the services below:

Independent Contractor Agreement for Field Organizer

This Agreement is made between Green Party of California ("GPCA") and Kendra Gonzales ("Contractor") for the period between February 1, 2015 and June 30, 2015. No future obligations nor commitments are implied by this contract, and the GPCA retains the all rights to fund or not fund the position, and to re-advertise the position and/or offer a new contract to the existing Contractor in FY2015-2016 and beyond.

I. Services to be performed

Kendra Gonzales agrees to serve as the GPCA's Field Organizer and perform the following services:

1-1 Voter Registration Database Management

1-1.1 Work with the GPCA's voter registration data base in NationBuilder to input and regularly update contact data.

1-1.2 Manage integration of statewide voter data with other data in NationBuilder.

1-1.3 Assist and train county Green Party organizations and individuals in access to and use of the data base, within the parameters and permissions established by the GPCA IT protocol (

1-2 Voter Registration Drive

1-2.1 Work with the Coordinating Committee, Clearinghouse Committee, GROW, IT Committee and Finance Committee to develop procedures to coordinate the voter registration drive, including procedures for distribution of materials, training, methods of tracking and transferring income/expenses, volunteer recruitment and assignment and establishing a protocol to share voter registration data with county Green Party organizations.

1-3 State Party Phone and Email

1-3.1 Respond to inquiries on the GPCA state party phone line and state party email account and maintain records of said inquiries and responses.

1-4 Volunteer Coordination

1-4.1 Recruit new volunteers, including by phone, email and social media. Refer to GPCA committees, working groups and county Green Party organizations where relevant.

1-4.2 Contact new volunteers by phone to welcome and orient them to the GPCA, and suggest ways for them to volunteer, get involved and help sustain the GPCA financially.

1-4.3 Serve as a contact for volunteers who have questions and concerns about the GPCA. Refer to GPCA committees, working groups and county Green Party organizations where relevant.

1-4.4 Train volunteers one-on-one by phone. Organize in-person voter registration, fundraising and outreach trainings by phone, video conference and at the availability of the Field Organizer, at GPCA state meetings.

1-5 Fundraising

1-5.1 Train Fundraising Committee members, volunteers and counties how to: design, coordinate and manage direct mail, online fundraising, events, personal solicitations and merchandising.

1-5.2 Identify and cultivate donor prospects.

1-6 Merchandise

1-6.1 Make recommendations to the Clearinghouse Committee for GPCA merchandise.

1-7 Reporting

1-7-1 Report monthly to the Grassroots Organizing Working Group (GROW) on progress towards the the tasks identified in 1-1 and 1-4 and receive supervision by GROW and its designated supervisor.

1-7-2 Report as needed to the Coordinating Committee, Clearinghouse Committee, GROW, IT Committee and Finance Committee as specified in 1-2.

1-7-1 Report monthly to the Clearinghouse Committee upon request on progress towards the the tasks identified in 1-3 and receive supervision by the Clearinghouse Committee and its designated supervisor.

1-7-3 Report monthly to the Finance Committee on progress made towards the the tasks identified in 1-4 and receive supervision by the Finance Committee and its designated supervisor.

1-7.4 Report to the Coordinating Committee upon request, including for Coordinating Committee teleconferences.

1-8 Hours Per Month

1-8.1 The Contractor shall perform services for a number of hours per month, to be calculated at approximately the total amount of payment divided by $15/hour.

II. Payment

In consideration for the services to be performed by the Field Organizer, GPCA agrees to pay Kendra Gonzales $665 for the month of February, and $500 per month for each month, March through June.

III. Expenses

GPCA shall not be responsible for Contractor’s phone/fax distribution, travel and miscellaneous expenses related to work performed under this Agreement.

IV. Term of Agreement

Term of service begins on February 1, 2015. This agreement shall become effective when signed by both parties and will terminate on June 30, 2015.

V. Amending Agreement

'The GPCA or Kendra Gonzales may amend this Agreement at any time upon mutual agreement of terms.

VI. Terminating Agreement

6-1 The GPCA or Kendra Gonzales may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving 30 days written notice of termination. Contractors may be dismissed by their supervisors, subject to confirmation by the Personnel Committee.

6-2 The GPCA may also terminate this Agreement immediately, without any requirement of prior written warning or opportunity to address the issue, in cases of malfeasance, as defined by Section 10-6 Malfeasance and Dismissal of the GPCA Personnel Policy.

6-3 The Contractor shall be entitled to full payment for services performed before the date of termination.

VII. Independent Contractor Status

7-1 The Field Organizer is an independent contractor, not a GPCA employee. The Field Organizer and the GPCA agree to the following rights consistent with an independent Contractor relationship:

7-1.1 Contractor has the right to perform services for others during the term of this Agreement. The GPCA shall not require Contractor or Contractor’s employees or subcontractors to devote full time to performing the services required by this Agreement.

7-1.2 Contractor has the right to hire assistants as subcontractors, or to use employees to provide the services required by this Agreement with his/her own personal funds.

7-1.3 Neither Contractor nor Contractor’s employees or subcontractors are eligible to participate in any employee pension, health, vacation pay, sick pay or other fringe benefit plan of GPCA.

VIII. Local, State and Federal Taxes

8-1 Contractor shall pay all income taxes and FICA (Social Security and Medicare taxes) incurred while performing services under this Agreement. The GPCA will not:

8-1.1 Withhold FICA from Contractor’s payments or make FICA payments on Contractor’s behalf

8-1.2 Make state or federal unemployment compensation contributions on Contractor’s behalf, or

8-1.3 Withhold state or federal income tax from Contractor’s payments.

IX. Privacy

All data owned or rented by GPCA, including voter file, volunteer and donor information, shall always remain the sole property of GPCA.

X. Exclusive Agreement

This is the sole and entire Agreement between Contractor and the GPCA.

XI. Applicable Law

The laws of the State of California will govern this Agreement.

XII. Signatures

Treasurer - Green Party of California

Printed Name: __________________________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________________Dated: ___________________


Printed name: ____________________________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________________ Dated: ___________________