GPCA Endorsement Procedures

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Article III Candidate Endorsement Procedures

Section 3-1 General Elections

3-1.1 The GPCA may endorse Green Party members who are General Election candidates for the following offices:

3-1.1(a) Partisan statewide constitutional offices (Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Controller, Insurance Commissioner)

3-1.1(b) Non-Partisan statewide constitutional offices (Superintendent of Education)

3-1.1(c) State Board of Equalization

3-1.1(d) U.S. Senate

3-1.2 The GPCA shall not make any endorsements of General Election candidates who are not Green Party members.

3-1.3 Whenever possible, the GPCA shall make its endorsements by bringing the matter before the General Assembly. Where it is not possible, the decision may be brought before the GPCA through County Polling. The Coordinating Committee is not empowered to make candidate endorsements on behalf of the GPCA.

3-1.4 The GPCA shall not consider endorsements for General Election candidates for other offices, leaving such endorsements to the county/multi-county level. County organizations are encouraged to develop their own standards and procedures for endorsing such candidates. The endorsement of a County Organization shall not imply GPCA endorsement.