GPCA Strategic Action Plan

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This collection of pages, presented by the state party Committees and Working Groups, presents the current thinking, and an opportunity to comment.

This collection is divided in two groups: a general discussion of strategy (divided into time blocks) and some specific "current topics".

General Discussion

Immediate Future (up to Nov 2012)

Five Year

Beyond Five Years

Current Topics

Should GPCA focus on local"NON-PARTISAN" elections?

If focus to be on State-wide office, then should GPCA focus on MOST "winnable seats"?

Due to the passage of Prop 14, what should our strategy be relating to the Primary BEGINNING 2014?

Should GPCA continue to be part of the lawsuit against prop 14? Will we raise funds for it?

Should GPCA fold? Delete?

Should GPCA continue to be a member of gpus? Delete?

Should GPCA have closer ties with the progressive caucus of the california democratic party?

What kind of representation do counties/regions/locals want in GPCA?

What services/mutual agreements would counties/regions/locals want from GPCA?