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To continue our primary ballot access beyond November 2014, the Green Party of California must satisfy one of these requirements:

(a) One of our statewide candidates must earn at least 2.0% in the November 2014 election; or

(b) On the 135th day before the first 2015 primary election, our total party membership must be at least 1% of the number of people who vote in the November 2014 election .

We're just hovering above 1% of the total number of general election voters. 10,300,392 Californians voted in the November 2010 election.

Right now, we have 113,563 registered Green Party members. That totals 1.1% of the number of people who voted in the last gubernatorial election.

When you calculate in the inevitable decline (without a voter registration drive) in numbers due to deaths and migration out of California, we are teetering on the edge.