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The Most Stable, Least Changed, a.k.a. Master Information about GPCA IT People and our Work:

  • For the current (and any past and future draft) project plans for any of the work categories below, see (the master site for such plans, project names, project milestones, project tasks and worker time logs-per-task).
  • For the current GPCA IT Committee Members, see
  • For the current GPCA IT Work Process Protocols see
  • For the current GPCA IT Work Co-Cos and Technical Work Volunteers see Some of these names will appear in the lists below and on sub-pages of this IT Wiki category page tree. Their names on this site should be links to their resumé summaries also hosted on

Content Management, Strategy and Tactics: (documents as works in progress)

  • IT/Content Mgmt: Overview of GPCA Online Content: past, present, and 1+ desired future scenarios.
    • IT/Content Mgmt/GPCA Online Content Management: Overview of Content Management Issues and Content Target Groups (e.g. for overall GPCA party content, GPCA site(s) content, content per committee and working group, content per server...) Jennifer Woodward
    • IT/Content Mgmt/GPCA Online Content: (content for the state-wide party, content per county party, content per state or county or local campaign) Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein, Tim Laidman, Jennifer Woodward
    • IT/Content Use Cases: Of Online Content. Jennifer Woodward
    • IT/Functional Design and Requirements Documentation Development: (FD&RDD) Just what should happen with and to what information stored where, data-entered how? Jennifer Woodward, Joel Sarch. Start with blue-sky ideas then refine them with what personal and office productivity and computer/web-based productivity tools are available to produce and manage them.

Technical Design and Development, Requirements and Specifications (documents as works in progress; see also any project plans for a sub-set of the same summary information here that is limited to that project and elaborated just for that project.)

GPCA Servers as of 13.12.03: (documents as works in progress)

GPCA EMail Lists and Newletters: (documents as works in progress; for the state party, county parties, local parties, campaigns (past, present, future)

GPCA Systems Administration: (documents as works in progress)

GPCA CMSes: In Use, Planned, Ideals: (documents as works in progress)


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