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A "benchfile" is the book you leave in your desk drawer for your replacement in case you suddenly get a better job.


The Green Party of California rents a virtual private server (VPS) from Godmama's Forge. It's Ubuntu-9.0 ("Karmic Koala") based on Debian-5.0 ("Squeeze") plus some work-in-progress from Debian Unstable ("Sid"). The virtual host is named and runs under Vmware Enterprise.

LAMP Stack

apt-get install apache2-mpm-prefork php5-pear php5-gd php5-cli libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server mysql-client


apt-get install rsync

Backup is a nightly rsync via ssh to a host in Cameron's garage. Authentication is by a key in ~root/.ssh/authorized_keys.

DNS block list

apt-get install rbldnsd

The blocklist file is /var/lib/rbldns/iparanges. It's maintained on another server, and pushed here by rsync via ssh. Configuration is in /etc/default/rbldnsd. This is one of two servers of the "" blocklist. At least four hosts refer to this DNSBL.

Email server

The "Debian Way" has Postfix' configuration files in /etc/postfix and the mapfiles they use in /etc/postfix/maps. Tradition has the email aliases file in /etc/, so we have a symlink there pointing at the real one.

apt-get install postfix postfix-pcre mailman