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The development of a prototype Drupal version 7 web site for the GPCA was approved at the March 2011 GA meeting in Berkeley. Marnie Glickman, Marin County, was the "lead" person who interfaced with the site developers, Radical Designs, San Francisco. Radical Designs received a contract, for work done roughly from April-September, 2011, to design the look, navigational feel, and probably the initial configuration of the proposed new GPCA web site to be implemented with the Drupal version 7 content management system (CMS). Some, if not all, of the 113,000 existing GPCA members' names and email addresses were added to the site. A GPCA Donors and/or Volunteers sign-up and relationship management system as well as a few other services were instantiated (setup in a simple way) on the new site using the free, complex and powerful "enterprise class" Drupal add-on module called "CiviCRM." The services provided by CiviCRM need to be "matured" and well-tested. jgw111019

This section of "IT/" exists to let Marnie and other D7 web site project participants post any news she or they want to make public about the project work as it continues post contract-work completion.

This section of the GPofCalWiki site might also capture non-technical GPCA members' ideas about what they want to see and do on a new GPCA Drupal 7 web site. Perhaps they can simply "type in their ideas" on an existing or new "ideas" web page put in this section. The "ideas submission" process on this site, however it may develop, would function like an on-going informal focus group of and for the benefit of the eventual GPCA end-users of the mature D7 web site. If necessary (and on request), I (jgw) can create a survey for GPCA members and current GPCA D7 project participants to "take" on CAGreenIDEAS. Their members in a more controlled "survey setting" can submit what additional or changed content and features they want to see on the GPCA Drupal 7 web site. And they can add comments about what features and content are not in that survey which ought to be listed and rated in a revised survey by "the membership." In addition, if non-technical GPCA members demand it, I can create a discussion blog on CAGreenIDEAS as well.

In these ways over whatever time period GPCA people choose to take (1) the "ideas for improvements" document converges on a consensus for "the most wanted" features and services, and (2) the GPCA D7 site developers can implement those services deemed by that document and by any other new "requirements" documentation that emerges all of which articulates which are the highest priority features and services to be added to the D7 site a.s.a.p. JG Woodward 11.09.15 & 11.10.19

JGW 11.09.25 & 11.10.19:

  • The GPCA D7 Site This is the GPCA Drupal 7 web site completed as what I am calling the "draft 1 prototype" during the contracted work of April-September, 2011. The draft 1 prototype D7 site demonstrates a new theme for the future GPCA site, some new ways to navigate information on a future mature GPCA D7 web site that will be used by all GPCA members and supporters. The current draft 1 prototype D7 site most likely will evolve in coming months to better demonstrate some state-of-the-art web features to be useful to the GPCA especially in "constituent (members and supporters) relationship management" (CRM).
  • The GPCA-J16 alt site A Joomla v1.6 site suitable for alternative template developments that are similar to yet different from the Drupal theme used on the D7 site above. The site can also be useful for alternative CRM configuration experiments and for demonstrating other web site services of possible future use by the GPCA.
  • The GPCA_D7 alt site A Drupal v7.8 site suitable for multiple Drupal theme comparisons and revisions, as well as for alternative UI demonstrations and CiviCRM configuration experiments that differ from what is setup on the D7 site above.