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Web Site

Requirements, notes, etc on re-designed web site. Please do not edit content here unless given specific authorization by GPCA-IT.


This section describes the new site look-and-feel, and use cases for processes.

Look and Feel

  1. Lighter and less "blocky"
  2. PHP for all pages
  3. Full popup menus on each page
  4. Templates (CSS or other) for all pages - only content differs
  5. Complete sitemap

The current plenary pages are a nice start on a layout.

Most current pages already use a "template" (either .shtml or .php) ""and"" use .css for formatting.

  • Exception: bylaws
  • Exception: grow

Use the (current) "responsibilities" page as a the beginnings of a sitemap.

Create sitemap.php (for use in each page) to contain functions that (a) generate client-side javascript and (b) sitemap page from "list" data in re site organization.


  1. Press releases
  2. Latest news "ticker"


This section is a task list (w/assignments).