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Editing pages in this wiki

Wikipedia has a [page] about its wiki markup language. The previous sentence contains [an external link]. So does that one.

Editing pages on our server

Use [vi], or download, edit, upload.

Deleting a line from a file

Sometimes you don't want to bother with an editor. The grep -v command passes every line through unless it matches some pattern. Here I'll use it to delete the style sheet link from a page.

 pushd /w/cal/liaison/docs
 grep _styles_basic.css status_nota_1992_1995.htm

The system replies
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />
and that's the line we don't want. I'll stash grep's output in a temporary file, z. Then I'll replace the old file with it.

 grep -v _styles_basic.css status_nota_1992_1995.htm > z
 mv z > status_nota_1992_1995.htm