Master List of CiviCRM Input Data Fields

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The Master List of CiviCRM Input Data Fields is to be a list of the names and data-types of donor information which CiviCRM will capture from a one-time or repeat donor to the GPCA. Project participants who have a new field name to add to the list below please create a new row in the wiki table below. The new row should have the field name in the first column and the field data-type in the second column. Some of us IT people can correct spelling and rearrange the order of the field names in the table in ways that will be easier and "more logical" for donors to fill in when they register as a donor on a future GPCA web site that uses CiviCRM.

Data-type names include: alpha-numeric (AN), integer (Int), phone-number (PN), decimal number (DN), and money-value (MV). It may help to first setup this list in a two column spread-sheet, then login to the wiki and add the new/revised field names to this table.

Later in the CiviCRM design process, the data field names in the master list may be cloned (copied) into separate named mockup pages of a web form. Later still a CiviCRM form may be created according to the corresponding wiki list of data field names. JGW 11.09.15

Data Field Name Data-Type
First Name AN
Middle Name AN
Last Name AN
Home Phone PN
Work Phone PN
Cell Phone PN
Address 1 AN
Address 2 AN
City AN
State AN
Zip Code Int
Country AN