Media Committee Social Media Posting Protocol

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Article III Social Media

Section 3-1 Purpose

In order to carry out its Duties and Authority as described in GPCA Bylaws 7-7, the Media Standing Committee may establish official GPCA social networking pages and policies governing their content. The purpose of such pages shall be to

3-1.1 Promote and publicize the successes and achievements of the GPCA, its candidates and officeholders, its county organizations, its leadership and its rank and file members.

3-1.2 Provide a source of objective, official information about the GPCA, including its press statements, announcements, positions on ballot measures, platform and organization.

3-1.3 Provide opportunities for interaction and involvement in the GPCA.

Section 3-2 Administrators

The Media Standing Committee may appoint administrators for the official GPCA social networking pages, whose responsibility shall be to post content in keeping with 3-1 and otherwise manage the pages. The names of the administrators shall be available on the committee's internal web page and upon request by the Coordinating Committee. The administrators shall make periodic reports to the Media Standing Committee and shall follow committee decisions regarding their work.