Media Committee Spokesperson Rules & Procedures

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GPCA Media Committee Rules & Procedures

Article I Spokesperson

Section 1-1 Purpose

In order to carry out its Duties and Authority as described in GPCA Bylaws 7-7, the Media Standing Committee may appoint GPCA spokespeople who shall have the responsibilities defined herein.

Section 1-2 Duties and Responsibilities

1-2.1 Serve as ex-officio members of the Media Standing Committee and participate in the development of its media releases and communication with media outlets, including by proposing quotes and ideas for content.

1-2.2 Reflect positions in accordance with the GPCA platform, GPCA positions on ballot measures and other official GPCA policies and positions.

1-2.3 Be available to accept press calls at any time when on call for media work.

1-2.4 Appear on television, radio and other media.

1-2.5 Appear at public events.

1-2.6 Write opinion pieces and editorials.

1-2.7 Write a public blog on the GPCA web site.

Section 1-3 Qualifications

1-3.1 Experience working in and/or with the news media as either a candidate and/or officeholder, staff member for a candidate and/or officeholder, spokesperson for another organization, working in media/public relations or some other background relevant and sufficient for this position.

1-3.2 Vetted by the Media Committee to see how they will respond to news media questions and inquiries, and if those responses are professional and effective.

1-3.3 Familiar with the GPCA platform, Ten Key Values and candidates and officeholders.

1-3.4 Active in the Green Party at the local and/or state and/or national level.

Section 1-4 Appointment

1-4.1 Appointments shall be made by a vote of the Media Standing Committee and the GPCA Press Secretary, and shall require 2/3 support to appoint.

1-4.2 The Media Standing Committee shall strive for gender balance in its appointments, with a recognition that the exact number and balance of spokespersons may change over time.

Section 1-5 Term

1-5.1 Spokespersons shall serve for two year terms. A term shall be considered terminated if the spokesperson resigns, is no longer a GPCA member, dies or becomes incapacitated to act, is a candidate or officeholder as specified in 5-2, or has their terms ended as specified in 5-3. There are no term limits.

1-5.2 If a spokesperson runs for public elected office, he/she shall not be considered a spokesperson once he/she either takes out nomination papers, pays an in lieu filing fee, forms a campaign committee or otherwise publicly declares for said office. A spokesperson may reassume their position either if they do not qualify for the ballot, or if they do qualify, once the election has concluded and it is clear that they have not been elected. If they have been elected, they may not be a spokesperson while serving in public office. The same applies to persons appointed to elected public office. Green Party County Councils are not considered elected public office for these purposes.

1-5.3 The Media Committee may end a spokesperson's term before two years by a 3/5 vote, if it finds in written form, that a spokesperson is not carrying out the duties as described herein.