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Propositions 2010

This collection of pages, presented by Campaigns and Candidates Working Group, is where we will gather our arguments for or against each proposition on the Nov 2010 ballot. The goal is to use this information as input to both the County Polling process and, if needed, at the upcoming plenary.

Each page has two sections: Argument and Recommended Position. There is a discussion page for each proposition.

Please make note of the names in parenthesis (below). These are volunteers that will act as lead writer(s) for a proposition. The intent of these pages is co-operation and consensus, and all input is welcome: so add your ideas and thoughts into the Discussion page for each Proposition. That said, please allow the lead writer(s) to co-ordinate the discussion and finalize the language.

Props 2010/18/ - Water Bond (Martin Zehr, Dana Silvernale)

Props 2010/19/ - Marijuana (Joan Stresser)

Props 2010/20/ - Congressional Redistricting (Jim Stauffer, Tim Smith)

Props 2010/21/ - Surcharge for Parks (no writers assigned)

Props 2010/22/ - Local Government (Bert Heuer)

Props 2010/23/ - Suspension of Air Pollution Control Laws (E Gendel, Kendra Gonzales)

Props 2010/24/ - Corporate Taxes (Bert Heuer)

Props 2010/25/ - Majority Vote For State Budget (no writers assigned)

Props 2010/26/ - Two-Thirds Vote For Levies And Charges (no writers assigned)

Props 2010/27/ - Repeal Of Redistricting Commission (Jim Stauffer, Tim Smith)