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Single-payer is NOT the only solution. I am an active supporter of Single-payer. BUT Single-payer is a compromise, which continues the excessive profits of other for-profit health care providers (such as Big Pharma). Single-payer is the next step, which removes the most parasitical piece of the current "system," the insurance providers, which not only cost way too much, they actually play a role in denying care. But there are other solutions we could consider, such as universal provision of free neighborhood clinics staffed by government employees, similar to the way our education system provides universal free neighborhood schools staffed by government employees. We could substitute "single-payer is the best next step" rather than the ONLY solution. We would still have a disastrous for-profit health system, but it would be less disastrous. --Jan Arnold (GPAC)

"Economic growth" usually means growth in GDP, which we are not necessarily in favor of. Having a large fraction of health care spending being uselessly sent to insurance companies does not restrict economic growth. The economy grows whether the money goes to insurance companies or to anything we do approve of. That clause could be removed, which still leaves us saying the cost of the healthcare system is crippling our economy. --Jan Arnold, GPAC