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I abbreviate this parent category as QQ4C. jgw110912

Some but perhaps not all the questions to be listed in a sub-category of this "Qualifications" (QQ4C) parent category are for GPCA candidates to answer. But in this proposer's opinion (JGW) the candidate must answer some to-be-decided minimum number of them if and only if their supporters want them to be answered. And the candidate might provide those answers, say: (1) before the core campaign group proceeds further with campaign filings, or (2) before fund raising efforts to support campaign operations begin, and/or (3) before or (4) during campaign operations execution. jgw110912

I hope there will be two and only two major sub-categories of Qualifications for Candidates (QQ4C): General Qualifications (GQ's) and Office Titles (OT's). jgw110912

General Qualifications (GQ's) might be: what are the general minimal qualifications for any and all GPCA candidates for an elected public office? E.g. demonstrate understanding and previous efforts to promote "the 10 Key Values." Or "level of education." General Qualifications (GQ's) could be further sub-categorized (or sub-divided) for GQ's for local, GQ's for county, GQ's for state, and GQ's for federal offices in general. jgw110912

Office Titles (OT's). Each "winnable" elected public office title (local, county, state, and federal) will be listed as a sub-category of the Office Titles parent sub-category. ...Unless someone has a better idea. In each "Office Title" (OT) sub-category there might be a question like this: "what is your experience in work situations similar to those of the office which you seek?" (The implied sub-text is: how transferable are your knowledge and skills, and which ones are the most transferable and appropriate?) Also: "what were the qualifications of those persons who held this office previously?" "Why were those qualifications helpful or unhelpful to the office holder and his/her constituents during his/her performance of the duties of that office?" jgw110912

From time to time this proposer, Jenni Woodward, will summarize, simplify, and if necessary re-categorize questions posted on this web site in the various sub-categories of QQ4C. Sometime before a Primary or General Election I will collect the questions posted here and create one or more mock Candidates Qualifications Survey on my web site for each title of "winnable" elected public office. Eventually the accumulated questions under a specific title will include those a GPCA candidate (or his/her aid) posts here for an office s/he has already run for, or currently holds, or wishes to run for. The mock, in-revision and final versions of the surveys(and revised drafts of actual surveys) which I (and other "Surveying" volunteers) create will appear on my web site. An equivalent PDF formatted digital file of each survey, with authors, publication dates and version numbers, can be uploaded and appear on this web site as well. On look for the surveys by way of the left-hand-side menu item (i.e. web pages section): Polls and Surveys. I (JGW) and others can revise and extend these surveys before, during and after each election cycle, helping to create over months and years an "ever-rising level of (digital) institutional memory and office-appropriate competency standards." jgw110912

At a still later time in the 2011-2012 election cycle the GPCA, by some GPCA process yet to be determined and listed here (or linked-to/referred-to here), can decide if any of the candidates for an office ought to take (fill out and complete online) a revised and/or final version of the appropriate Candidates Qualifications Survey for the office they seek. They can do so by filling in and returning (to their CC?) a PDF document downloaded and printed on paper. Alternatively they can take the survey online at The GPCA decision process to-be-determined might also determine when in the campaign cycle they should do so. ...Unless someone has a better idea. jgw110912

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