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GPCA CC Teleconference – Monday, May 16, 2011 – 7:30 p.m.

Facilitator: Barry Hermanson

Minutes Taker: Adrienne Prince

Vibes Watcher: TBD

Time Keeper: TBD

Agenda - Table of Contents(full text of each agenda item follows below)

1. Welcome and setup, roll call, quorum check (15 min)

2. Appointment: Coordinating Appointments to GPCA Standing Committees (5 min)

3. Discussion: Coordinating Committee On-Line Elections (5 min)

4. Discussion: Solicit Coordinating Committee input on a draft independent contractor agreement with Marnie Glickman (30 min)

5. Appointment: Appoint members of Personnel Committee (10 min)

6. Appointment: Appoint ad-hoc Hiring Committee membership (20 min)

7. Discussion: GPCA policies regarding web content, email lists and related matters. (20 min)

Agenda - Full Text of each item

1. Welcome and setup, roll call, quorum check (15 min)

2. APPOINTMENT: Coordinating Appointments to GPCA Standing Committees (5 min)

Presenter: Barry Hermanson

BACKGROUND: Currently there is one member on the Finance Committee (Will Yeager, terms ends 10/11 and two members of the Platform Committee (Peggy Koteen and Martin Zehr (terms end 9/12

The following individuals are interested in being appointed to the Finance Committee: Bert Heuer and Cres Velluci and the Platform Committee: Shane Que Hee. Each states that they have meet the requirement in attending at least two prior General Assemblies within the previous 24 months.

PROPOSAL: To appoint the following individuals to the following GPCA Standing Committee:

- Finance: Bert Heuer, Cres Velluci

- Platform: Shane Que Hee

REFERENCES: Relevant GPCA Bylaws

6‑1.4 Committee Membership

Coordinating Committee (CC) membership is defined in Section 7-1. Other Committees shall be composed of no more than eight members not including ex officio members (see ex officio members, paragraph 6-1.7). At least once a year or whenever vacancies exist, the active counties, Group coordinators, and individual CC members shall be given the opportunity to submit nominations or recommendations to the Coordinating Committee for committee membership. Eligible candidates must have attended at least two prior plenaries within the previous 24 months and demonstrate a working knowledge of the GPCA bylaws and operating procedures. Committee members shall be appointed by the Coordinating Committee and shall serve for two years or the remainder of the current term, or if appointed more than 12 months after the start of the current term, shall serve for the remainder of the current term plus two more years, unless a successor is appointed before this time. Terms begin and end at the start of the second plenary of each year and must be staggered whenever possible. Any Committee member may be recalled with a 2/3 vote of the CC.

7-7.2 Membership

The Media Standing Committee is a standing committee with up to 8 members, in accordance with bylaws 6-1.4. Co-Coordinators are selected in accordance with bylaws 6-1.9.

3. DISCUSSION: Coordinating Committee On-Line Elections (5 min)

Presenter: Jim Stauffer

Review of upcoming on-line Coordinating Committee at-large election. For background on election see

4. DISCUSSION: Solicit Coordinating Committee input on a draft independent contractor agreement with Marnie Glickman (30 min)

Presenters: Mike Feinstein, Marnie Glickman

For full text of draft contract see text attached at the bottom of this email.

5. PROPOSAL: Appoint members of Personnel Committee (10 min)

Presenter: Barry Hermanson

BACKGROUND: The GPCA Personnel Policy was approved by the the GPCA General Assembly in May 2003 with the proviso that the Coordinating Committee may amend the policy as needed. The current Personnel Policy calls for a Personnel Committee, but does not specify its size. An initial size of three members is proposed, in part to easily correspond to the 2/3 decision-making threshold in use within most GPCA Standing Committees and Working Group,

The specific responsibility of this Personnel Committee, other than those otherwise specified in the Personnel Policy, will be to negotiate terms of an independent contractor contract with Marnie Glickman to return for consideration at the June 6th meeting of the Coordinating Committee and supervise the independent contractor position created, should such a contract be agreed to. The Personnel Committee will consult with the Finance Committee and Campaigns & Candidates Working Group as needed, as the independent contractor position's work will cross over the areas of responsibilities of both committee.

PROPOSAL: Appoint Personnel Committee of Sanda Everette, Barry Hermanson, Mike Feinstein with responsibility to (a) negotiate terms of a contract with Marnie Glickman to return for consideration at the June 6th meeting of the Coordinating Committee and (b) to oversee Marnie Glickman under that contract, should a contract be approved. In carrying out this tast, the Personnel Committee would consult with the Finance Committee and the CCWG as needed.

REFERENCES: GPCA Personnel Policy

6. APPOINTMENT: Appoint ad-hoc Hiring Committee membership for web designer (20 min)

Presenter: Barry Hermanson

BACKGROUND: The GPCA FY2011-2012 budget allocates funds to upgrade the GPCA website. If an independent contractor as described in #4 of this agenda is hired, her/his work would be substantially affected by such an upgrade.

Thus far the GPCA has received a bid from Random Designs in San Francisco ( $4200 to redo the graphic design of the site, to install Drupal 7.0 and to migrate some (but not all) of the content of the existing site over to a new Drupal version. Barry Hermanson has asked GPCA IT member Bert Heuer to provide his own qualifications for such a task. In addition, several members of GPCA IT participated in a Skype call with New Zealand Green Party international Secretary Pete Davis, whose company Fuzion ( was awarded the contract to perform a similar upgrade to the site, including a CiviCRM approach.

To make the choice of who the GPCA hires to do the upgrade, the GPCA Personnel Policy suggests a Hiring Committee. Here is the relevant text from the Personnel Policy:

"Because employees may be splitting their time working for different committees or campaigns, hiring will be done by ad hoc Hiring Committees. However, every Hiring Committee will consist of at least 4 persons, including at least one Personnel Committee member, one member of the Coordinating Committee and one member of the committee that will be supervising the employee. A job description must be in place before the hiring process begins"....."The Hiring Committee, after the application deadline, will select the most likely applicants for job interviews. Interviews may be conducted by phone or in person. Whenever possible, the Hiring Committee will conduct the first interview, and the committee(s) that will be supervising the employee will conduct a second interview of one or more persons selected from the first set of interviews. After the Hiring Committee makes its choice it will inform the Personnel Committee, which will have the power to provisionally approve the hiring. An employee's hiring will be provisional until it is confirmed by the Coordinating Committee or its designee." (

PROPOSAL: Appoint ad-hoc Hiring Committee membership for purposes of recommending the hiring of web designer and creating a job description for the position. The Hiring Committee to consist of IT members Cameron Spitzer and (who else on IT is interested and has background?) and the members of the Personnel Committee. The Hiring Committee will also consult with Marnie Glickman in her potential role as an independent contractor whose work would be largely affected by the nature of the redesign of the web page.

7. DISCUSSION: Review the choices of which Content Relationship Management (CRM) systems the GPCA chooses: Wired for Change/Salsa or CiviCRM and the potential process by which the GPCA would make the decision between them (20 minutes)

Presenters: Mike Feinstein, Barry Hermanson (possibly also Cameron Spitzer, Bruce Wolfe if they are available)

BACKGROUND: The choice of which Content Relationship Management (CRM) the GPCA chooses is a significant one. Many Greens believe that the GPCA's long term preference should be an open source system like CiviCRM. Some believe that CiviCRM can meet the party's needs now, while others believe it is not yet ready and that the GPCA should go with Wired for Change/Salsa first and then switch over to CiviCRM later when its 'ready'.

If the GPCA goes with CiviCRM first, what is the 'in-house' ability of GPCA IT personnel to support it? If the GPCA goes with Wired for Change/Salsa first, what are the costs involved in switching over to CiviCRM? This agenda item is mean to explore these questions, as they will relate to the content of the contract with Marnie Glickman and her job performance should she be hired, as well as to the GPCA's overall ability to manage its data.

8. DISCUSSION: GPCA policies regarding web content, email lists and related matters. (10 min)

Presenters: Mike Feinstein, Jim Stauffer

BACKGROUND: Currently there are a range of GPCA's IT that have been informally adopted by GPCA IT, but have no standing in the GPCA's officially adopted bylaws, rules and procedures or policies. This agenda item is to briefly discuss this and consider ways in which the party can officially adopt needed IT policies to govern website access, use of party email lists and related matters.

ATTACHMENT: Draft Independent Contractor Contract with Marnie Glickman

Independent Contractor Agreement for Managing Director

This Agreement is made between Green Party of California ("GPCA") and Marnie Glickman for the period between June 7th and October 10th.

I. Services to be performed

Marnie Glickman agrees to serve as the GPCA's Managing Director and perform the following services:


1-1.1 Format and upload GPCA supporter lists, donor lists and prospect lists to Salsa.

1-1.2 Design coding system for database and configure system to advance GPCA goals. Seek and integrate input on coding system from GPCA committee and working group co-coordinators.

1-1.3 Analyze database growth and data trends using Salsa and make recommendations to advance GPCA goals.

1-1.4 Recruit, train and coordinate GPCA volunteers on how to do data look up and data entry.

1-1.5 Work with GPCA Treasurer to configure Salsa to link GPCA donation pages with the GPCA online merchant account.

1-2 Participate in redesign of

1-2.1 Participate in ad-hoc working group to oversee redesign of, including to help

1-2.1(a) Create new information architecture.

1-2.1(a) Create new wireframe design for home page.

1-2.1(a) Create new wireframe design for basic content page.

1-2.1(a) Design and publish new donation form.

1-2.1(a) Design and publish new email subscription form.

1-2.1(a) Design and publish new volunteer sign up form.

1-2.2 Review web content for accuracy.

1-3 Manage grassroots and online organizing.

1-3.1 Design public launch for statewide voter registration drive.

1-3.2 Design public launch for campaign to close San Onofre and Diablo Canyon nuclear plants.

1-3.3 Design public launch for website upgrade.

1-3.4 Manage statewide voter file in conjunction with internal party access protocol approved by the Coordinating Committee.

1-3.5 Recruit and train volunteers.

1-3.6 Develop relationships with progressive organizations and individuals.

1-4 Manage communications.

1-4.1 Work with GPCA committees and working groups to develop persuasive messages and effective messaging.

1-4.2 Review GPCA content for messaging, accuracy and style.

1-4.3 Coordinate online communications at the direction of the Media Committee including Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter.

1-5 Manage fundraising campaigns.

1-5.1 Design and manage direct mail, online, events, telemarketing and personal solicitations fundraising and merchandising.

1-5.2 Identify and cultivate donor prospects.

II. Payment

In consideration for the services to be performed by the Managing Director, GPCA agrees to pay Marnie Glickman:

$1,500 on July 10th, 2011

$1,500 on August 10th, 2011

$1,500 on September 10th, 2011

$1,500 on October 10th, 2011

III. Expenses

GPUS shall not be responsible for Contractor’s phone/fax distribution, travel and miscellaneous expenses related to work performed under this Agreement.

IV. Client Obligations

4-1 The Personnel Committee will supervise and direct the Managing Director’s work.

4-2 GPCA will contract with a web developer for installation of a Drupal CMS and new wireframes for and content pages by June 7, 2011.

V. Term of Agreement

Term of service begins on June 7th, 2011. This agreement shall become effective when signed by both parties and will terminate on October 10th, 2011.

VI. Terminating the Agreement

The GPCA or Marnie Glickman may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving 30 days written notice of termination. The Contractor shall be entitled to full payment for services performed prior to the date of termination.

VII. Independent Contractor Status

7-1 The Managing Director is an independent contractor, not a GPCA employee. The Managing Director and the GPCA agree to the following rights consistent with an independent Contractor relationship:

7-1.1 Contractor has the right to perform services for others during the term of this Agreement. The GPCA shall not require Contractor or Contractor’s employees or subcontractors to devote full time to performing the services required by this Agreement.

7-1.2 Contractor has the right to hire assistants as subcontractors, or to use employees to provide the services required by this Agreement with his own personal funds.

7-1.3 Neither Contractor nor Contractor’s employees or subcontractors are eligible to participate in any employee pension, health, vacation pay, sick pay or other fringe benefit plan of GPCA.

7-1.4 Neither Contractor nor Contractor’s employees or subcontractors shall receive any training from the GPCA in the skills necessary to perform the services required by this Agreement.

VIII. Local, State and Federal Taxes

8-1 Contractor shall pay all income taxes and FICA (Social Security and Medicare taxes) incurred while performing services under this Agreement. The GPCA will not:

8-1.1 Withhold FICA from Contractor’s payments or make FICA payments on Contractor’s behalf

8-1.2 Make state or federal unemployment compensation contributions on Contractor’s behalf, or

8-1.3 Withhold state or federal income tax from Contractor’s payments.

IX. Exclusive Agreement

This is the sole and entire Agreement between Contractor and the GPCA.

X. Applicable Law

The laws of the State of California will govern this Agreement.

XI. Signatures

GPCA: Green Party of California

Signature: ____________________________

Title: Treasurer, Green Party of California Date: ________________________________


Signature _______________________________

Title: Contractor Date: ___________________________________