Coordinating Committee Conf Call Agenda 08 01 11

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GPCA CC Teleconference – Monday, August 1st, 2011 – 7:30 p.m.

Agenda - Table of Contents (full text of each agenda item follows below)

1. Welcome and setup, roll call, quorum check (15 min)

2. Decision: Establish procedure to elect Coordinating Committee Co-coordinators, appoint Standing Committee members (10 min) - Mike Feinstein

3. Election: Female Co-coordinator to fill remainder of term through February 2013 (10 min)

4. Election: Male Alternate Co-coordinator to fill remainder of term through February 2012 (10 min)

5. Appointment: Campaign Funding Support Committee (5 min) (web page has not been updated since 2006)

6. Appointment: Finance Committee (10 min) - applications will be sent to CC email list by applicants

7. Decision: Endorse California Nurses Association Main Street Campaign (5 min) - Matt Leslie ; ;

8. Decision: Reschedule September Coordinating Committee meeting from Labor Day, September 5th to the following Monday, September 12th (3 min) - Barry Hermanson

9. Decision: Schedule special executive session meeting of the Coordinating Committee to consider Proposition 14 legal strategy (10 min) - Barry Hermanson, Michael Rubin

10. Report/Discussion: Update on planning for Ventura Gathering (15 min) - Adrienne Prince

11. Report/Discussion: Update on planning for LA County hosted General Assembly (10 min) - Mike Feinstein

12. Decision: Review Draft Coordinating Committee Rules and Procedures and approve on-line voting process to discuss/approve them before next CC meeting (15 min) - Mike Feinstein