Draft GPUS Platform Amendment No Nuclear Power

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Section title: No Nuclear Power

Section subtitle: None

Our Position: Greens oppose nuclear power and support safer, cheaper alternatives.

Green Solutions

1. Close all nuclear power reactors by 2015.

2. Phase out technologies that use or produce nuclear waste, including non-commercial nuclear reactors, reprocessing facilities, nuclear waste incinerators, food irradiators, and all commercial and military uses of depleted uranium.

3. Ban the development and use of new nuclear reactors, plutonium (MOX) fuel, nuclear fuel reprocessing, uranium enrichment, and the manufacturing of new plutonium pits for a new generation of nuclear weapons.

4. No public subsidies or bailouts for the nuclear power industry.

5. Safe, secure, above ground storage for existing nuclear waste. We do not support exporting wastes to other nations.

6. Strict regulation of radioactive materials and wastes and prohibiting such wastes to be recycled into consumer products and to enter municipal waste landfills and incinerators.

7. Close, clean up and remediate at national labs devoted to nuclear energy and weapons development and operations at the Department of Energy's nuclear production sites.

8. A military clean up of depleted uranium contamination from testing ranges and battlefields, and full compensation exposed veterans and civilians who have been affected by depleted uranium exposure.

9. Independent, transparent radiation monitoring at all nuclear facilities.