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The name of this organization is the "Green Party of Los Angeles County" (hereafter referred to as the GPLAC).


The GPLAC adheres to the Ten Key Values of the Green Party of California (hereafter referred to as the GPCA):

2-1 Ecological Wisdom

2-2 Social Justice

2-3 Grassroots Democracy

2-4 Non-violence

2-5 Decentralization

2-6 Community-based economics

2-7 Post-patriarchal values

2-8 Respect for Diversity

2-9 Personal and Global Responsibility

2-10 Future Focus


The GPLAC will act to affect policies, laws, and activities on local, county, state, national and international levels, as a means to promoting positive change in society in keeping with the Ten Key Values.


Section 4.1 Party Members

4-1.1 All voters registered as Green Party members in Los Angeles County, pursuant to the Elections Code of the State of California, are eligible to participate in the functions of the Party, as provided by the GPCA and GPLAC bylaws and the laws of the State of California

4-1.2 The GPLAC may extend GPCA membership to county residents, 14 years old or older, who are not otherwise eligible to register to vote in California, but who affirm in writing the Ten Key Values and the GPCA's and GPLAC's purpose, and that they would register Green if legally permitted to do so. Preferably such individuals are also active in the work of the GPLAC and/or with Active Green Locals. Such members may participate in all functions of the Party, except as County Council Officer, County Council alternate or state Coordinating Committee representative.


Section 5-1 Coordinating Body

The County Council shall be the coordinating body of the GPLAC, shall fill the role served by County Councils within the GPCA and the California Elections Code and shall be chosen pursuant to the California Election Code and the GPCA and GPLAC bylaws.

Section 5-2 Duties of the Council

The Council's responsibilities include:

5-2.1 Party Building

5-2.1(a) Register and organize Green Party voters in Los Angeles County. 5-2.1(b) Promote the development of Active Green Locals in Los Angeles County.

5-2.2 Recognize Active Green Locals

Provide official recognition of Active Green Locals in Los Angeles County

5-2.3 Meetings and Internal Communications

Coordinate County Council meetings and distribute information to Active Green Locals and the general Party membership, via the County website and other means, including

5-2.3(a) Agendas for upcoming meetings of the County Council and of County Council committees, as well as minutes of past such meetings 5-2.3(b) Information about additional GPLAC events in the County 5-2.3(c) How to run for County Council 5-2.3(d) How to become apply for appointment to the County Council in case of a County Council vacancy 5-2.3(e) Upcoming issues requiring study, thought and/or action by the GPLAC, Active Green Locals, the GPCA and the Green Party of the United States 5-2.3(f) Updates on Council projects in progress

5-2.4 Internal Elections

Elect Officers of the County Council, delegates to the Green Party of California General Assembly, representatives to the Green Party of California Coordinating Committee, and new County Council members to fill vacant County Council seats.

5-2.5 Legal Counsel

Retain legal counsel on behalf of the GPLAC and undertake legal action as necessary.

5-2.6 Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Establish internal Dispute Resolution and Mediation procedures and/or refer such matters to external Dispute Resolution and Mediation.

5-2.7 Employees

Employ staff and independent contractors.

5-2.8 External Communications

5-2.8(a) Make statements in the name of the GPLAC consistent with GPLAC policy, the Green Party of California state platform, and the Ten Key Values. If the GPLAC and the GPCA differ on policy, the GPLAC retains the right to speak on its own behalf. 5-2.8(b) Interface on behalf of the GPLAC with community, civic, and other non-governmental organizations, groups and movements. 5-2.8(c) Interface on behalf of the GPLAC with the media.

5-2.9 Elected and Appointed Office

5-2.9(a) Develop an overall Green electoral strategy for Los Angeles County. 5-2.9(b) Develop candidates for partisan and non partisan elective and appointive office. 5-2.9(c) Endorse candidates for public office. 5-2.9(d) Provide financial, volunteer and other support to endorsed candidates.

5-2.10 Ballot Measures

Endorse or oppose ballot measures appearing on the ballot in Los Angeles County.

5-2.11 Censure

Censure a member of the GPLAC. Any Censure resolution must include the reasons for Censure, including how such an action relates to the role, duties and responsibilities of the GPLAC. Approval of a Censure resolution requires a 2/3 vote.

5-2.12 Bylaws and Rules and Procedures

Establish Bylaws and Rules and Procedures to accomplish its work.

Section 5-3 Authority and Accountability of Council

5-3.1 Authority

The County Council shall retain all authority for its duties and responsibilities under these bylaws. The County Council may choose to delegate authority, including authorizing agents for specific tasks. However, use of the name "Green Party" shall remain the province of the GPLAC and may not be delegated by the County Council, and may not be used in the name of Active Green Locals or any other organization.

5-3.2 Accountability

The Council is accountable to the membership of the GPLAC and the Ten Key Values, and must enact its decisions in accordance with the bylaws of the GPLAC.


The County Council shall appoint Officers of the party. The Co-Coordinators must be members of the County Council. Other officers do not have to be members of the County Council. But all Officers must be registered as Greens in Los Angeles County.

Section 6-1 Co-Coordinators

6-1.1 The Council shall elect two Co-Coordinators, one male and one female. Within each two-year County Council term, there shall be three consecutive eight month Co-Coordinator terms. The first eight month term shall commence with the first meeting of the newly elected County Council and the last one shall end when the subsequent County Council holds it first meeting. The voting procedure shall be by Instant Run-Off (IRV), using a simple majority threshold, and including the No Other Candidate option, as referenced in the GPCA Bylaws (Section 7).

6-1.2 The Co-Coordinators shall be responsible for the production of the Council agenda. This includes the prioritization of and the assigning times to agenda items, as well as the appointment of a meeting facilitator(s), minutes taker and vibes-watcher.

6-1.3 The Co-Coordinators shall be responsible for the distribution of the Council agenda. Distribution will include Council members and Active Green locals, and will appear on the County web site. Co-Coordinators may work with the Secretary to accomplish this task.

6-1.4 The Co-Coordinators shall be responsible for updating the GPLAC website and may work with Secretary to accomplish this task. The web site shall include the names and official contact information of all County Council members, County Council officers, and GPLAC representatives to the GPCA Coordinating Committee; the official contact information for Active Green Locals in Los Angeles County; GPLAC Bylaws and GPLAC Rules and Procedures, and minutes of County Council and County Council committee meetings.

6-1.5 The Co-Coordinators shall serve as Co-Liaisons to the office of the Registrar/Recorder of Los Angeles County.

6-1.6 The Co-Coordinators may speak on behalf of the GPLAC, consistent with GPLAC policy, the Green Party of California state platform, and the Ten Key Values. No other Council member may speak on behalf of the County Council, without County Council authorization.

Section 6-2 Treasurer

6-2.1 The County Council shall select a Treasurer. The term shall be for the same term of office as the County Council, unless otherwise specified by the County Council. The voting procedure shall be by Instant Run-Off (IRV), using a simple majority threshold, and including the No Other Candidate option, as referenced in the GPCA Bylaws (Section 7).

6-2.2 The Treasurer shall maintain the bank account of the GPLAC, keep financial records and produce financial reports to the Council, and file all necessary documents with governmental agencies as required by law. The Treasurer shall also receive and disburse funds as directed by the County Council.

6-2.3 The Treasurer may recommend an Assistant Treasurer to the County Council for affirmation. The Assistant Treasurer is authorized to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer as outlined in 6-2.2, upon the direction and with the approval of the Treasurer.

Article 6-3 Secretary

6-3.1 The County Council shall select a Secretary. The term shall be for the same term of office as the County Council, unless otherwise specified by the County Council. The voting procedure shall be by Instant Run-Off (IRV), using a simple majority threshold, and including the No Other Candidate option, as referenced in the GPCA Bylaws (Section 7).

6-3.2 The Secretary shall maintain attendance records for all County Council members. If a County Council member misses two consecutive regularly scheduled County Council meetings without being represented by an alternate, the Secretary shall send him/her written notice, such that if he/she does not attend the next Council meeting or send an alternate, his/her seat will be considered vacated (as defined in Section 8.1.6).

6-3.3 The Secretary shall send correspondence on behalf of the Co-Coordinators and/or as otherwise instructed by the County Council, including to distribute the County Council agenda and to provide notice of County Council vacancies.

6-3.4 Upon request of the Co-Coordinators, the Secretary will work with the Co-Coordinators to verify nomination petitions signatures for County Council appointment and take minutes at County Council meetings.

6-3.5 Upon request of the Co-Coordinators and/or the County Council, the Secretary shall update the GPLAC web site.


Section 7-1 Election of County Council members

7-1.1 Time of Election

GPLAC members will elect Council members at the Direct Primary election held by the State of California in even-numbered years.

7-1.2 Election by Districts

Council members will be elected by State Senate district and must be registered to vote in the district from which they are elected.

7-1.3 Number of Council Members to be Elected

The number of Council members will be forty-four, except as provided for in 7.1-4(c). Every State Senate district will have at least one representative, except Districts 20, 23 and 25 shall be combined; 29 and 32 shall be combined; and 34 and 35 shall be combined. Should these districts cease to be in effect by effect of initiative, referendum or court ruling, the prior combination of districts shall be in place.

7-1.4 Number of Seats Per District

7-1.4 (a) Each district will have at least one seat. The total number of seats shall be apportioned proportionally among the districts according to each district's percentage of registered Green Party voters in the County.

7-1.4(b) The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk will calculate these proportions four months prior to the Council election according to the most recent registration totals issued by their office.

7-1.4(c) The number of members from any district shall be rounded to the nearest integer. The total resulting from this method may be different than forty-four. The greater number of the two shall be the number to be elected.

7-1.5 Review of This Formula

At any point at which the legislative districts referenced herein are modified in size or number, the Council shall review this formula and make changes needed to ensure that all Greens in Los Angeles County have the ability to vote for elected representation on the Council.

7-1.6 Notice of modification of election rules

If the GPLAC modifies these bylaws to change the method of election or the number of Council members, the Co-Coordinators must notify the County Registrar and the Coordinating Committee of the Green Party of California of these modifications no later than 135 days before the Direct Primary election in order for the changes to be effective at the following election.

7-1.7 Write-in Candidacy

To be elected to the County Council as a write-in candidate, in addition to receiving enough votes to be elected, any write-in candidate must also meet the same Green Party registration requirements, as would have any Green candidate who could have filed to run on the ballot.

Section 7-2 Terms of Office

Council Members will serve until a new County Council is elected (at the Direct Primary election in even-numbered years) and convenes its first meeting.

Section 7-3 Alternates

7-3.1 A County Council member may appoint an Alternate in her/his absence by written authorization, specifying the meeting for which it is to be effective. A separate authorization is needed for each meeting for which an Alternate will appear.

7-3.2 An Alternate must be a registered Green in the County Council members' State Senate district or in an adjoining State Senate district.

7-3.3 An Alternate shall have the same rights and privileges as other Council members at those meetings, shall be subject to the rules of the Council, and may serve for one member per meeting.

Section 7-4 Removal for Cause

Should the GPCA bylaws the power of 'removal for cause' of County Council members elected in the direct primary election to the County Councils, the following shall be in effect:

7-4.1 County Council members elected in the direct primary election may be removed from office only by a 4/5 vote of the County Council in response to a Removal for Cause petition co-sponsored by at least five County Council members or 1/3 of the County Council, whichever is greater.

7-4.2 A Removal for Cause petition must contain the written basis for removal, based upon a substantial violation of the bylaws of the GPCA and/or the GPLAC.


Section 8-1 Vacancy

A vacancy on the County Council shall be said to exist whenever any of the following has occurred:

8-1.1 A County Council seat was not filled in an election; or 8-1.2 A County Council member has submitted a written statement of resignation; or 8-1.3 A County Council member is no longer registered in the district from which he or she was elected; or 8-1.4 A County Council member is no longer registered Green; or 8-1.5 A County Council member fails to maintain an accurate current voter registration;or 8-1.6 A County Council member misses three consecutive Council meetings without being represented by an alternate; or 8-1.7 A Councilmember has been removed for cause; or 8-1.8 A Councilmember dies or becomes incapacitated to act.

Section 8-2 Notice of Vacancy

Within five days of a vacancy occurring, the Council Co-Coordinators or Secretary shall post notice of the vacancy to the County Council email list, as well to Active Green Locals in the State Senate District where the vacancy has occurred. Notice shall include when and how the vacancy can be filled, and shall also appear on the County's web site.

Section 8-3 Nominations

8-3.1 Nominees must be registered Greens within the District they wish to represent, and must also gather as many signatures of registered Greens in the district on a petition as defined in 8.4, as would be normally required by the County Registrar to appear on the ballot in that district, for the purposes of being elected to the Los Angeles County Green Party County Council.

8-3.2 Any nominee that has satisfied the conditions as stated in 8-3.1 may request that a vote be taken either at the next County Council meeting as long as the nominations have been submitted by the agenda-submittal deadline, or may request that the County Council vote by email, or by teleconferencing, if a teleconference is already scheduled. The Co-Coordinators must agendize the vote as requested by the nominee. If the vote is to occur at an in-person meeting or teleconference, it must be agendized as the first order of business, except if there are elections under 5-2.4 agendized, in which case consideration of appointment of the nominee shall be agendized immediately afterwards.

Section 8-4 Nomination Signature Petition

Nomination signatures must be collected on a document that contains the following words at the top of the page: "We, the undersigned registered Green Party members in District ________ support the appointment of __________ to the Los Angeles County Green Party County Council."

Section 8-5 Validation of Nomination Signatures

Nomination signatures must be validated before a nominee can be considered for appointment. Signatures must be delivered personally or sent by certified mail to a Co-Coordinator; or in lieu of this, a fax, .PDF or other image format may suffice, if the original is then presented at the next Council meeting to a Co-Coordinator or the Secretary.

Section 8-6 Voting upon Nominees

The County Council will vote upon each vacancy separately using Instant Run-Off Voting. County Council members may cast votes for qualified nominees and may exercise the 'No Other Candidate' (NOC) option. In the event of a tie, a new election may be held.

Section 8-7 Notice of Appointment

Within five days of an appointment, the Council shall notify the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, the Coordinating Committee of the Green Party of California, and all Active Green Locals within the district, of the name and official contact information for the Council appointee.


Section 9-1 First Meeting of New County Council

A newly elected County Council shall hold its first meeting following the date at which the results of the Direct Primary Election are legally certified.

9-1.1 The County Council may choose to convene in a non-decision making, "gathering-style" manner first, in order to facilitate communication and understanding, before undertaking any business.

9-1.2 Once the County Council's formal business meeting commences, the County Council shall as set as its first order of business, votes upon the positions of Co-Coordinator(s), Treasurer and Secretary.

9-1.2(a) If no one is elected to fill the positions of Co-Coordinators and Treasurer, the Council must choose someone on an interim basis to fill these roles until the next meeting.

9-1.2(b) In the case of the Secretary, the County Council may choose to leave this position open until the next meeting, or may appoint an interim representative.

Section 9-2 Quorum

A quorum for decision-making meetings of the County Council shall require the presence of a simple majority of the current County Council members, or their duly designated Alternates. The one exception shall be when voting upon items requiring a 2/3 or 4/5 vote for approval. In those cases, a quorum shall consist of at least 3/5 of the current County Council members. Absent a quorum, discussion may continue but no decisions shall be made.

Section 9-3 Participation

9-3.1 All GPLAC members may participate in the 'Consensus-seeking Process', but only County Council members can hold 'unresolved concerns' and participate in any vote, should one become necessary.

9-3.2 County Council members shall receive priority in discussions, to ensure that they have time to (a) seek clarifications, (b) express their concerns and affirmations and (c) take a vote, if necessary. At the discretion of the facilitation team, non-Council members may also participate in these discussions.

9-3.3 A County Council member, when recognized by the facilitation team, may yield the floor to a non-County Council member rather than speaking himself or herself, and in do doing, fore go his/her turn on the item.

9-3.4 When establishing the agenda, the Co-Coordinators shall consider the need for sufficient time for participation and debate on each item.

9-3.5 In addition to participation at face-to-face meetings, the County Council shall provide for pre-meeting discussion, open to any GPLAC member, via the GPLAC web site, email lists or other such means.

Section 9-4 Consensuses Seeking and Voting

The Council will follow the "Consensus-seeking process" for reaching decisions. Failing consensus, the issue will move to a vote.

9-4.1 Consensus Seeking

Consensus shall be sought through a process of

9-4.1(a) hearing and responding to clarifying questions first and responding to them, then 9-4.1(b) hearing concerns and affirmations about the proposal, and hearing responses to the concerns 9-4.1(c) testing for any further outstanding concerns 9-4.1(d) asking if those with concerns would be willing to stand aside, with their concerns recorded succinctly 9-4.1(e) going to vote if there are still outstanding concerns remaining

9-4.2 Voting

Votes that require 4/5 for approval are

9-4.2(a) removal for cause of elected county councilmembers

Votes that require 2/3 for approval are

9-4.2(b) bylaws changes 9-4.2(d) candidate endorsements 9-4.2(d) censure resolutions 9-4.2(e) certain Co-Coordinator appointments (as specified in Article 6) 9-4.2(f) adding a new item to a County Council agenda at the meeting.

Votes that require 3/5 for approval are

9-4.2(g) modifying the time and/or order of the agenda at the meeting 9-4.2(h) endorsing or opposing ballot measures 9-4.2(i) recognizing Active Green Locals

For other decisions, a majority is required.

Section 9-5 Submitting and Prioritizing Agenda Items

9-5.1 Any County Councilmember may submit a proposed agenda item to the County Council. To be considered for inclusion, an item must be posted to the County Council email list no later than 21 days before the upcoming County Council meeting.

9-5.2 Agenda items shall be prioritized, ordered and assigned times by the Co-Coordinators. The County Council may also direct the Co-Coordinators to prioritize an item or items, as long as that direction to prioritize decision is made before the 21 day deadline for submitting agenda item submissions as defined in 9-5.1.

9-5.3 All agenda items shall include a title, a description of the item and identify the anticipated presenter(s).

9-5.4 Items requiring a decision of the County Council must include the text of what is proposed, as well as cost estimates, time-lines and personnel requirements as necessary.

9-5.5 Once distributed, the Agenda may not be changed until the meeting. The time and order of already agendized items may be amended by a 3/5 vote. New agenda items may be added by a 2/3 vote.

Section 9-6 Setting Meeting Date

The Council shall set its meeting dates, places and times.

9-6.1 The Co-Coordinators shall agendize the setting of meeting dates, places and times as needed, to ensure that the County Council has the opportunity to set at least one meeting in advance. The Co-Coordinators may place this item at any place on the agenda, in order to ensure that it be heard.

9-6.2 If the next meeting date, place and time is not decided upon during a meeting, the Co-Coordinators shall conduct a post-meeting vote by email, teleconference, or other process determined by the County Council.

Section 9-7 Agenda Distribution

Council meeting Agendas shall be distributed to County Council members via the County Council email list no later than 14 days before the next County Council meeting. If a County Councilmember does not have internet access, the agenda shall be sent to them via fax or postal mail. Agendas shall also be posted on the County web site and sent via email to Active Green Locals. Once distributed, the Agenda may not be changed until the meeting.

Section 9-8 Minutes

Minutes of GPLAC meetings shall include the:

9-8.1 Time, date, and location of the meeting

9-8.2 List of all County Council members present and not present

9-8.3 List of all other attendees, including their political party and organizational affiliation

9-8.4 Text of all proposals

9-8.5 Record of all votes for, against or abstain


Section 10-1 Establishment

10-1.1 The County Council may establish Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees.

10-1.2 A Standing Committee shall continue unless dissolved. An Ad Hoc Committee is established for finite, pre-defined period.

10-1.3 All Committees shall have a scope, purpose and mission statement approved by the Council, and shall have a County Council member approved as a liaison by the County Council, as part of its formation and approval.

10-1.4 The County Council shall approve Rules and Procedures of operation for each committee.

Section 10-2 Standing Committees

10-2.1 Media Committee

10-2.1(a) The Media Committee is charged with facilitating GPLAC communication with media outlets. The Media Committee will develop and distribute media releases that express GPLAC positions that are consistent with GPLAC policy, the GPCA state platform, and the Ten Key Values; coordinate press conferences around significant party issues and figures; and draft and distribute notifications of significant, newsworthy events relevant to party issues, figures, platform and growth.

10-2.1(b) The Media Committee will recommend two gender-balanced GPLAC Media Spokespersons to the County Council for affirmation.

10-2.1(c) The Media Committee will assist Active GPLAC locals to develop media resources and in their media work.

10-2.2 Tabling Committee

10-2.2(a) The Tabling Committee is charged with facilitating tabling on behalf of the GPLAC, including through working with Active Green Locals.

10-2.3 Locals Support Committee

10-2.3(a) The Locals Support Committee is charged with helping develop new Green locals and helping support existing Green locals.

10-2.4 Bylaws Committee

10-2.4(a) The Bylaws Committee is charged with bringing forward proposals to the County Council to amend and revise the GPLAC Bylaws and the GPLAC Rules and Procedures; with reviewing and making recommendations on similar proposals brought forward by others not on the Bylaws Committee; with drafting its own Committee Rules and Procedures and submitting them to the County Council, and with reviewing and making recommendations on the Rules and Procedures of other Committees

10-2.5 Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is charged with

10-2.5(a) Bringing forward proposals to the County Council to establish annual fundraising goals and plans to fund the operations of the GPLAC, including providing financial support to the campaigns of Green Party candidates running for office in Los Angeles County

10-2.5(b) Implementing fundraising plans approved of by the County Council

10-2.5(c) Consulting best fundraising practices in order to carry forward its charge

Section 10-3 Participation

10-3.1 Any GPLAC member may participate in the "Consensus-seeking Process", but only Committee members can hold "unresolved concerns" and participate in any Committee vote, should one become necessary.

10-3.2 All Committees shall be governed by these bylaws.

Section 10-4 Participation

10-4.1 Any GPLAC member may participate in the "Consensus-seeking Process", but only Committee members can hold "unresolved concerns" and participate in any Committee vote, should one become necessary.

10-4.2 All Committees shall be governed by these bylaws.


Section 11-1 Eligibility

Any GPLAC member as defined in Article 4, is eligible to be a delegate to GPCA General Assemblies, including any exceptions as defined in Article 4.

Section 11-2 Recommended Experience

11-2.1 Be active Green on the local, county and/or state level

11-2.2 Have attended at least one GPCA General Assembly in the previous two years.

11-2.3 Be familiar with GPCA structure, bylaws and platform.

11-2.4 Have attended the Council meeting discussion of decision-making items for the upcoming General Assembly.

Section 11-3 Number of Delegates

The number of delegates shall be determined by the GPCA.

Section 11-4 Appointment of Delegates

11-4.1 The County Council shall select delegates by the Choice Voting, Single Transferable Vote (STV) from of proportional representation, using the Droop threshold, and including the No Other Candidate option, as referenced in the GPCA Bylaws (Section 7). County Council members shall take into consideration issues of diversity and representation when ranking their choices.

11-4.2 If not all delegate seats are filled, additional delegates may be added later at General Assembly itself, upon a 3/5 vote of the delegates present.

11-4.3 The Co-Coordinators shall be responsible for notifying the GPCA of the names of the GPLAC’s delegates, and for doing so according to the deadlines set by the GPCA.

Section 11-5 Representation by Delegates

Delegates shall make a good faith effort to fairly represent the discussions and decisions of the County Council, but may modify positions to reflect the intent of the County Council when items are amended at the General Assembly.


Section 12-1 Number of Representatives and Length of Term

The number of representatives is established by the GPCA and has been set at one.

Section 12-2 Length of Term

The length of the term is established by the GPCA and has been set at two years.

Section 12-3 Eligibility

Any GPLAC member is eligible to be a GPLAC representative to the GPCA Coordinating Committee, other than those precluded from doing so under 4-1.2. A GPLAC representative to the GPCA Coordinating Committee may not also be a County Co-Coordinator. However, a sitting Co-Coordinator may run for the Coordinating Committee and if elected, shall be considered to have immediately resigned their position of Co-Coordinator.

Section 12-4 Election of Representatives

The voting procedure for each seat shall be by Instant Run-Off (IRV) using a majority threshold, and including the No Other Candidate option, as referenced in GPCA Bylaws (Section 7). If the GPCA changes the number of seats and if the number of seats is two, a male and a female seat shall be chosen separately. If the number of seats is greater than two, a male and a female seat shall be chosen first, after which any remaining seats shall be open to all.


An "Active Green Local" is a group of Green Party members in Los Angeles County, recognized by the County Council and organized on a geographical basis.

Section 13-1 Recognition

In order to be recognized as an Active Green Local by the County Council a local must submit

13-1.1 Its bylaws, membership requirements, decision-making process and mission statement

13-1.2 A description of its local activities

13-1.3 A proposed geographic boundary

13-1.4 A petition requesting recognition. The petition must be signed by at least as many registered Greens within the proposed boundary area, as would be required to run for County Council from the same area. If a local exists over the boundary of more than one State Senate District, then the number of petition signatures required shall be the largest of any of the Districts.

13-1.5 A 3/5 vote of the County Council is required to recognize a local.

Section 13-2 Resources

Active Green Locals shall receive information directly from the GPLAC about GPLAC matters, as provided for in these bylaws, and will be listed upon the GPLAC web site.

Section 13-3 Responsibilities

13-3.1 Active Green Locals are encouraged to conduct voter registration drives, organize local Greens, meet on a regular basis, be involved in local Green issues, develop and support Green candidates, and facilitate participation by its members in the activities of the GPLAC and the GPCA.

13-3.2 Active Green Locals are encouraged to publish minutes of its meetings on their web site, and include a record of attendance, votes cast and decisions made.

13-3.3 Active Green Locals may use "Greens" in their name, but may not use "Green Party".

Section 13-4 Review

13-4.1 The County Council shall review the status of Active Green Locals every two years, starting from the original date of recognition. Additional review may be scheduled upon a 2/3 vote of the Council. Should the County Council fail to schedule said review within two years, recognition shall remain until the recognition is agendized for review.

13-4.2 Recognized Active Green Locals shall retain their status with a majority vote. The Council County may also agree to continued recognition, but within changed boundaries.


The Green Party of Los Angeles County shall not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, race, sex, sexual orientation, physical disability, ethnicity, religion, national origin, citizenship or income. We value the diversity of life.


Notwithstanding other provisions of these Bylaws, these Bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the County Council upon a minimum of 30 days prior written notice to the County Council email list of the text of the proposed change.