Given the passage of Prop 14, what should our strategy be relating to the new format primary?

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Marnie Glickman: Defeat open primary in court.

Kendra Gonzales: agree to involvement in the court case, but also need to keep our registration numbers growing regardless. This is our fall-back to ballot status and should be a constant part of our focus. The only positive of Prop 14 is that some voters will feel more comfortable in re-registering as Green now. If Prop 14 is not defeated, it will be our job to convince new Greens to maintain their registration with us regardless of who moves on to the General Election. And, we have to consider the possibility that a Green COULD advance to the General Election. This calls for the good old-fashion get out in to the community as often as we can and in greatly expanding our internet social network presense.

UNKNOWN: We will need to be on the offensive and perhaps antagonize Democrats or Republicans whichever has more registered voters in the district. One aspect of our strategy should our ability to use computer social network programs like e-mails, FaceBook and twitter. We will need to provide information to every registered Green, Decline to State and misc. voter. Voters will ask precinct workers for political designation based on my many years of working election precinct polls since only names and occupations will be on the ballot due to Proposition 14. Mailing will be important but if we can use these options to help lower the mailing price. We should add if those who are e-mailed, FB and etc., these oportunities. 1) A Y/N option to receive mailing or flyers, 2) Opportunity to help the campaign from canvassing, copying and forwarding mailing or flyers to donations, 3) Candidates should encourage folks they meet while campaigning and express support to take pictures or record support to be downloaded to computer social network system.