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Green Party,

I have a PROPOSAL for a pretty involved web outreach program. This would need several factors to work, but it would have the net effect of drawing in lots of participants to help spread the word and recruit more Greens.

Most important:

1) A Landing Page

New people need a much, much better web page than the current greens.org. That page hasn't been redesigned since the 90s. It's inadequate. The new outreach media program can set up its own page with effective messages and high quality graphics and video options.

Needs a catchy name: go-green-now.org, for example.

2) A media library

Using Creative Commons principles, the library can take video, images, songs, etc. from the wider community for everyone to use in new edits. Permissions would be granted when the media is uploaded. Artists can be singled out for exceptional work, contests, prizes, media exposure, spreading new Green Party logos, etc.

3) A call to skilled artists

People who already are proficient in video and After Effects, Photoshop, etc. would be welcomed in and have immediate projects that they can help improve. For a decade now I have been willing to help the party, but no one cared and no mechanism was in place for me to just participate.

The current culture of closed circles must change.

4) Promotions

Many possibilities will come up. Here are several ideas.

- Each month or quarter a video contest can call for entries. The winners can be highlighted on the main landing page and given special accolades. - Also, video contests can highlight issues, candidates, problems. - The landing page hyperlink and a fancy graphic title page can be part of all the videos, so that anyone watching on Youtube can easily head over to the place where they can sign up with just a click. - Even a newly designed Greens T-Shirt could be a prize. And designing this new T-Shirt could be the first contest.

5. A new forum could accompany the media library divided by states. It could also have general categories of interest nationally. We need people talking to each other about what works. The Green Party has been in steady decline since 2000. In order to turn it around, everyone needs to know where we are moving forward, how we did so, and how to replicate the victory.

6. Some possible web campaigns:

- VIDEO: You want an alternative? Broken promises Broken government Highlights failures of Dems/Repubs.

- VIDEO: Success Stories Green representatives Interviews Changes that matter

- VIDEO: War is not peace Greens anti-war stance Mainstream politicians' statements in support of endless wars economic costs

Various projects could highlight corruption, regular people organizing, and other well received memes.

I have seen many issue films this last decade, but I can't remember any that were specifically about the Green Party. This is a missed opportunity.

I would like to help get this, or something like it, launched asap. We've waited too long to harness the power of the grass roots community. It is absurd that the corporatist Obama, with $700,000,000 claimed that he was the grass roots net organizer. Just as the Democrats have stolen environmental issues and neutered them rendering them meaningless, so too they have stolen the power of the Internet and claimed it as their own, when their real power is in cashing corporate checks for quid pro quo.

Joe Giambrone