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Lisa Green, added Sat, April 3rd.

I'd like to suggest the following changes to the subsection: Measures to Address Homelessness.

21. Provide the resources necessary to advocate, develop and monitor [instead of support] discharge practices of local hospitals, jails and foster care through a zero-tolerance policy for discharging people to the streets.

24. Repeal laws that criminalize any facet of homelessness. Added two sentences: Activities such as sleeping, eating, sitting, and begging in public spaces should not be criminal offenses. Homeless persons find it harder to secure employment, housing, or federal benefits with a criminal record, and therefore penalizing the act of being homeless makes exiting such a situation much more difficult.

25. Involve homeless people in decision-making about short and long-term solutions to homelessness within our local communities.

new item added 26. Educate homeless people about voter rights. Encourage voter registration and voter participation among homeless people.