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I do not agree with stating that the Green Party is a capitalist party, as in "1. Land Ownership and Property Rights

Greens support the protection of private property rights within a state-regulated natural capitalism system, as provided in our laws and founding Constitution,"

The exosting plank does not currently state that we are a capitalist party. In view of the variety of opinions among Greens, I think we should be careful not to make unequivocal statements that are pro-capitalist. (I do not believe there is such a thing as a natural capitalism system.) In the interests of full disclosure, I am in agreement with Joel Kovel and other "eco-socialists" who have clearly explained that capitalism is the enemy of nature because capitalism must expand and must exploit...I'm not interested in continuing, or winning, this debate, but rather in pointing out that I am certainly not the only Green who is opposed to capitalism. I do not insist that the Green Party adopt my opinion but I do object to others insisting that I adopt their opinion.

Jan Arnold GPAC