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Defined Positions

You have named, and outlined the duties of, THREE separate "positions" within the "draft agreement": Press Secretary, Media Coordinator, and "Green Focus Design Layout Manager".

GPCA already has an accepted (by the CC) job description for Press Secretary. We should not conflate or otherwise combine these three positions. Rather we should define each separately. We certainly can "hire" one person to fill all three positions, but we have to maintain that all of these positions are separate.

No Media Mandate for Green Focus

There is no bylaw that mentions Green Focus specifically. However, traditionally, Green Focus has always been under the purview of Grass Roots Organizing Workshop ("GROW") and the "editorial staff", when acting in that capacity, have always been defacto members of GROW.

The Green Focus "banner" (in the newspaper sense) was also used as a fundraising tool; that work falling under the purview of Finance Committee.

Simply put, this is not a Media Committee decision and Media Committee cannot "hire" for the position w/o the approval of the GROW co-coordinators.

Why The CC, why not Media

Is there some sort of bylaws citation and supporting argument that explicity gives the CC the power to permanently hire for the Press Secretary position? Do note that arguing "it's traditional" only validates my point about Green Focus and GROW.

Shouldn't any "hire" be "framed" instead as a Media Committee recommendation subject to the will of the General Assembly?

Standard Language

Can the CC or some sub-committee agree that sections VI, VII, and VIII are standard operating procedures for all GPCA contract employees?