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Hi Greens,

I want the IT person(s) who manage this wiki web site to create a "How To..." category a.s.a.p. It will be a super-category or parent-category for 0-many sub-categories to be determined later. Since I have some experience with developing how-to-use-computers instruction, I will start creating GPofCalWiki "how to" articles in the new parent-category about how to navigate this site and how best to use this web site. Obviously others who login can edit my remarks, hopefully for the better.

PS: Please see the now-working CAGreenIDEAS.org web site which has some simple project management tools on it and I hope will have some of the public content on this site copied to the CAGreenIDEAS site. If all goes well, some of us can practice editing GPCA public documents on the CAGreenIDEAS web site before a final version shows up on the GPofCalWiki site or on CAGreens.org, the main live site for the GPCA.

JGW 11.07.20, 9:51

Other Wanted Article/Document Categories are (edit the xxx part):

  • xxxx
  • xxxx