GPCA General Assembly Los Angeles Draft Agenda

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Friday December 2nd

1:00pm Green Parties of the West 2012 presidential strategy/organizing planning retreat
6:00pm Coordinating Committee gathers for on-site dinner
7:30pm Coordinating Committee business meeting begins
7:30pm Concurrent evening program on site, topic to be determined

Saturday December 3rd

 9:00am  Opening, new delegate orientation, consent calendar, any other minor business

10:00am Election: GPUS Delegation delegates and alternates

10:15am Presentation: Coordinating Committee election: candidates make statements before on-line vote begins after GA

10:30am Proposal: Change fiscal year from May 1st to April 30th, to July 1st to June 30th (Coordinating Committee/Finance Committee)

11:00am Proposal: Budget for remainder of new FY2011-2012 through June 30th (Budget Committee)

12:15pm Lunch

 1:15pm  Proposal: Budget for remainder of new FY2011-2012 through June 30th (Budget Committee)
 3:00pm  Breakout sessions
 4:15pm  Proposal: Establish Fiscal Policy 
 5:15pm  Presentation: Update on Prop 14/SB 6
 6:15pm  Dinner on site
 7:30pm  Evening Program on site, topic to be determined 

Sunday December 4th

 9:00am  Breakout sessions

10:15am Proposal: Amendment to Campaign Fund Support Committee Policies and Procedures in GPCA Bylaws Appendix B (GPUS Delegation)

10:40am Proposal: Policies and Procedures for Selection and Conduct of GPCA Delegates to the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention (Campaigns & Candidates Working Group)

11:15am Discussion: Strategic Plan Brainstorming Session (Coordinating Committee, as per GPCA Bylaws 7-1.13 Work Plan "The CC shall establish a two-year strategic plan annually, using input from a brainstorming plenary session and draft work plans from the standing committees and working groups. The proposed plan shall be presented and affirmed at the subsequent General Assembly.")

12:30pm Lunch

 1:30pm  One more agenda item?  Or a continuation of the Strategic Plan Brainstorming Session?
 2:30pm  Breakout sessions
 3:45pm  Confirmation of Standing Committee and Working Group Co-Coordinators (GPCA Bylaws 6-1.9 Coordinators)
 4:00pm  Closing session, followed by walk to neighborhood park