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Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward, 66 y.o. in 2011.
Founding member of the California Green Party
415-239-0599,, San Francisco 94132 .

For my slightly-disabled, semi-retired person's professional development, I build, maintain, and improve three (3) web sites:

  • [1]
  • [2]
  • [3]

Education: BS/CS, BS/Applied Math, BA/Psychology,
MA Instructional Technology

Professional Experience:

  • Computer Programmer/Systems-Analyst since 1964
  • Distance Learning Systems Architect since 1997
  • Instructor of computer programming at several business schools, 1970-80, and at City College of San Francisco, 91-94.
  • Teaching assistant in studio television production, 1980, City College of Santa Barbara.

GPCA Activities since Feb. 2010:

  • Since 2009 I have been learning state-of-the-art (and craft) of content management system (CMS) web site design by building them. See any of my three main sites listed above.
  • I've been using the Joomla! and Drupal CMSes since 2009 and the Wordpress CMS since early 2011 (at the advent of WP3). But I also use the Moodle learning management system (LMS) for creating distance learning courses. Some samples of what CMS (and LMS) web site features I think could be useful to the GPCA and to it's campaigns I display at the [4] web site.
  • Since Spring 2011 I have been learning how to use the MediaWiki CMS which powers this web site.
  • I'm nominally in the GPCA PTF WG, CCWG, ERWG and GROW. In 2010 I only truly contributed to GPCA goals by editing a number of pages for the new Platform document, a 2010-early-2011 work-product of the PTF WG.
  • Regretably I cannot yet say I am "in" the ITWG, where I think I could be the most useful, because the boy's club that is GPCA IT doesn't talk to me much in spite of my efforts from March through Dec. 2010 to engage them in a few technical conversations by email. I'm not included in their daily/weekly/monthly intra-group email communications. And the "powers that be" in ITWG have not yet let me have "administrator" privileges on this or on any other live CAGreens web site! Yet the greater 'live' content but less mature CMS features of this GPofCalWiki site (powered by the more primitive, 2000-2003 style content management system called MediaWiki) are slowly evolving in the directions I intuited would be needed in March 2010; directions, content and features which I have tried to build-out and demonstrate on my web site so far with little or no feedback from any of them. After one year of this, I have to conclude that NIH may be the unwritten and unspoken collaboration standards of the GPCA ITWG boy's club, i.e. if something related to computer services for the GPCA is not invented here, NIH, by the established and exclusive IT boys, it doesn't get used or collectively improved. It's so frustrating. Maybe that is why there are no other women in the GPCA ITWG.