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Date: 11.05.04, 1505
If I understand correctly as a 'user' (an account holder in the Users group), I ought to be able to create (1) discussion pages, which I don't want to do yet, and (2) create a non-discussion page all by myself now. The latter it seems I may have to do with something the Users group rights special page calls (createpage).

There appears to be no such menu item in the left hand side (LHS) list of menus (titled: navigation + toolbox) who's sub-menus change for reasons I have not yet determined.

"Create Page" is not in the list of action / navigation / information items on the "Special Pages" page.

Request: Can some GPofCalWiki administrator please add that as a sub-menu to my and to other logged-in users' "toolbox" menu a.s.a.p.?


PS1: editing a page in the wiki is semi-not-helpful using the arcane, not to be found elsewhere, simple editor tools provided. The naive or computer phobic user has to know some basic HTML markup and file editing in order to make a decent looking page for the wiki. They usually do NOT know that much and don't want to take that much time. Installing a better editor like TInyMCE(?) would help the naive users a lot.

PS2: the GPofCalWiki site could quickly become a real mess, a tangle of sub-trees and pages, without adding some "page publishing structure" to the site before more users make more pages. (Or before the GPCA decides to use a CMS web site instead.) Let me add some category-sub-category structure to the wiki site roughly like exists for each working group on Also let me add an actually useful "Help" tree of help pages that actually can help naive and computer phobic GPCA people to use the GPofCalWiki site, use if more often and more productively.