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The Most Stable, Least Changed, a.k.a. Master Information about GPCA IT People and our Work:

Content Management, Strategy and Tactics: (documents as works in progress)

  • IT/Content Mgmt: Overview of GPCA Online Content: past, present, and 1+ desired future scenarios.
    • IT/Content Mgmt/GPCA Online Content Management: Overview of Content Management Issues and Content Target Groups (e.g. for overall GPCA party content, GPCA site(s) content, content per committee and working group, content per server...) Jennifer Woodward
    • IT/Content Mgmt/GPCA Online Content: (content for the state-wide party, content per county party, content per state or county or local campaign) Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein, Tim Laidman, Jennifer Woodward
    • IT/Content Use Cases: Of Online Content. Jennifer Woodward
    • IT/Functional Design and Requirements Documentation Development: (FD&RDD) Just what should happen with and to what information stored where, data-entered how? Jennifer Woodward, Joel Sarch. Start with blue-sky ideas then refine them with what personal and office productivity and computer/web-based productivity tools are available to produce and manage them.

Technical Design and Development, Requirements and Specifications (documents as works in progress; see also any project plans for a sub-set of the same summary information here that is limited to that project and elaborated just for that project.)

GPCA Servers as of 13.12.03: (documents as works in progress)

GPCA EMail Lists and Newletters: (documents as works in progress; for the state party, county parties, local parties, campaigns (past, present, future)

GPCA Systems Administration: (documents as works in progress)

GPCA CMSes: In Use, Planned, Ideals: (documents as works in progress)


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